‘Big Sky’ Star Ryan Phillippe Teases Cody’s Appearance in Future Episodes

by Joe Rutland

Fans of ABC’s “Big Sky” remember that Cody Hoyt, played by Ryan Phillippe, didn’t make it out of the first episode. But is Cody coming back?

Phillippe’s character is shot in the face by Officer Rick Legarski in the opening episode, so he’s dead. He’s not coming back, right? Not so fast, my “Big Sky” friends. Ryan Phillippe has a little inside baseball scoop for you.

Think flashbacks, the actor said.

“The flashbacks all have to do with Kylie and Katheryn’s characters and their stories associated with Cody,” Phillippe said. “You see a couple of flashbacks with me and Kylie, and get a glimpse into what that relationship was starting to become. You also get a look at Katheryn and my character and their son in a brief moment, so you get a sense of what that family structure was like.”

So fans aren’t done just yet with seeing private detective Cody Hoyt on their TV screens as the rest of the first-season episodes play out.

Ryan Phillippe Tells ‘Big Sky’ Fans To Keep Watching

Now Jennie, Cassie, and Cody’s other friends want to really know what happened and why. Will there be some resolution on “Big Sky” to this mystery?

“You’re going to have to watch to get that answer in full, but they don’t find out right away,” Phillippe said. “There’s a bit of a chase and a discovery that takes place over a couple of episodes.”

When asked about Legarski being more dangerous after murdering Cody, the actor said that will be something fun for the audience to figure out.

“Peeling back those layers and finding out whether or not there’s a larger operation afoot that the ladies are going to have to shut down,” Phillippe said. “It’s done in a very masterful fashion by Mr. (David E.) Kelley’s design.”

Of course, “Big Sky” fans will also be watching to see what happens to Ronald as well. It’s fair to say that business is about to pick up on this show.

‘Big Sky’ Finds Space To Film Episodes Outside Of Montana

“Big Sky” viewers see that the show is set in Montana. Numerous shots of nature’s beauty reflect the true power of what people call “Big Sky Country” in that state.

People often ask: Is “Big Sky” actually is shot in Montana?

Well, episodes are filmed around Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Why? One, tax breaks. Canada offers incentives for producers to bring their programs into the country and film them. Two, consider the Pacific Northwest and its rainy, foggy type of atmosphere. It breathes a sense of mystery into the show, which fits quite well into the “Big Sky” episodic storyline.

So if you see scenery that looks like Montana, then you’re actually seeing spaces around the Vancouver area. It might have been different for Kelley and the show when it comes to film locations. They were going to film in some American cities out West, but COVID-19 stopped that idea.

“Big Sky” is bringing its stories to life in Canada, yet the show will remain to be set in Montana.

H/T: EW.com