Big Sky TV: Everything You Need to Know Before Premiere of Episode 5

by Joe Rutland

If you are a fan of ABC’s “Big Sky,” then make sure to watch Tuesday night as some loose ends may get connected in the winter finale.

The show, which comes from HBO’s “The Undoing” writer David E. Kelley, has a lot of different stories being told right now.

One main story revolves around sisters Grace and Danielle getting caught up in a sex-ring operation. They were captured in the opening episode by a truck driver named Ronald while going to visit Justin. He’s the son of Cody Hoyt (played by Ryan Phillippe) and Cody’s estranged wife Jenny (Kathryn Winnick).

Cody headed out to where the girls went missing and met up with Rick, who is a Montana State Officer. The girls have not been found heading into Tuesday’s episode, so fans are looking for some resolution to this plot.

Take note that Ronald received a phone call from Rick back at the end of the first episode. There’s some chicanery involving both men, so you’ll have to see whether that gets resolved, too.

Big Sky Throws A Love Triangle Into Dramatic Mix

Meanwhile, Cody and his fellow private investigator Cassie (Kylie Bunbury) sometimes go beyond working on cases to having personal time. This doesn’t sit well with Jenny, who gets a little cray-cray with Cody. He also deals with alcohol issues and that’s something that causes problems, too.

Sheriff Tubb is getting his hands into the mix. In the second episode, Tubb and Cassie had a bit of a run-in but that wasn’t the case with Jenny in the third episode.

He shows a helpful side toward Jenny as Tubb was kind-of a mentor to her when she was on the police force. Jenny mentions that she has a hunch that Legarski is behind the sex-trafficking matter.

Cassie and Jenny forged a rather unique working relationship, seeking to rescue Grace and Danielle from being held captive in a warehouse.

Through the first four episodes, viewers have watched them while leading up to this moment. They have taken things into their own hands now as of the fourth episode.

These and other unresolved issues await Tuesday night’s winter finale for “Big Sky.”

Will Cassie and Jenny get the girls out of captivity? You’ll have to tune in and see.

Here’s a glimpse of some highlights for Tuesday night’s show.