‘Big Sky’: When Does Season 1, Episode 10 Release?

by Suzanne Halliburton

Big Sky fans, we hate to break it to you, but you’ve got a while before your favorite show comes back with a new episode.

How long? You’ll have weeks to fully absorb the shock of episode nine.


Seriously, who saw that death coming? Did anyone really think that Merilee was capable of killing her husband?

After all, Rick Legarski was the only person on the show who could connect Rick to Ronald. And Rick had amnesia. Or did he? Did Merilee figure it out? Rick dreamed of killing his wife. But Merilee got to him first. Death by hammer.

Ronald Is Creepiest Of Them All on Big Sky

Plus, there’s all the drama with Ronald. The creepy long-haul trucker who killed his mother last month, booby-trapped his house. He thinks there will be police there soon. You think? As the episode ends, two police try to break down his door. They’re shot. Are they dead? We won’t know for a while now.

Ronald escapes from the police. We don’t know where he’s going. Erik, the newspaper boy, is safe, though. Ronald probably is headed out of town. But now that Rick is dead, how will Cassie, Jenny and the police track him down and connect all the dots?

Oh, did we forget to tell you? The next episode of Big Sky is April 13. It’ll be spring time the next time you see a new episode. Will the show be blossoming with even more plot twists?

Big Sky won its Tuesday night time slot in the latest ratings.

And writer Stephen King loves the show. He recently tweeted:

“I think BIG SKY (ABC) is the best drama on network television. With the last three episodes, it’s tiptoeing into Emmy territory.”

We know how difficult it will be to wait for the next episode. To get you through the wait, ABC offered a glimpse. Check it out: