‘Big Sky’: WWE Star Announces He is Taking on Intense Role in Season 2

by Taylor Cunningham

Looks like Big Sky is ready for a SmackDown. WWE superstar Jinder Mahal—a.k.a The Maharaja—is joining the cast for tomorrow night’s episode and will continue as a series regular.

Today on Twitter, the wrestler announced his upcoming debut on ABC’s hit crime drama.

“The Maharaja has joined the cast of @BigSkyABC season 2 as Dhruv,” he wrote. “Starting Tomorrow and every Thurs at 10/9C PM on @ABCNetwork and @hulu.

The surprise announcement comes less than a day before the new star’s big debut. And he’s making his first appearance just one episode after Big Sky returned from its fall hiatus. So, he’s joining the show just as the story arc is getting hot. And we’re curious about how The Maharaja will fit into this year’s unraveling mystery.

But until today, the series made no mention of a new regular character. And the synopsis of tomorrow’s episode— which we included below—doesn’t have any answers either.

“Cassie grows suspicious of Max after noticing her keychain matches one found nearby the crime scene and decides to confront her. Jenny and Travis get together to talk in secret, or so they think, as Smiley’s curiosity gets the best of him, and he follows Travis to the meetup. Later, to his dismay, Travis comes face to face with Ren and Donno who are determined to get answers out of him; and Lindor pays Wolf a visit.”

Big Sky’s Dhruv will be the first role for Jinder Mahal outside of his WWE character. Catch the episode tomorrow at 10/9c on ABC.

‘Big Sky’ Star Jesse James Keitel Speaks Out About Her Character’s Temporary Exit

Since the first episode of Big Sky, Jesse James Keitel’s Jerrie has been a major character. On the show, she was kidnapped by human traffickers Ronald Pergman and Rick Legarski. And once she was rescued, she started working with Jenny and Cassie’s detective agency.

But this year, Ronnie made an unexpected exit when her estranged father shared some bad news about her mother’s health. And in the current episodes, Ronnie is off-screen sitting by her mother’s side.

In a recent interview, Keitel shared some insight into her character’s current situation.

“When her dad shows up and then takes her by surprise, it really throws her,” Keitel told TV Insider. “A lot of issues from her past come to the surface. And it’s something she has to grapple with right there in the moment.”

Early in the series, Jesse established that she had a broken relationship with her parents. And Keitel shared that Jesse wasn’t “really emotionally ready” to speak to her father. But, she was happy that she could.

Ronnie will return in time for its winter finale on December 16th.