Billy Ray Cyrus Posts Sweet Throwback Photo with Santa and Toddler Noah Cyrus

by Madison Miller

While everyone must enjoy seeing Billy Ray Cyrus’ epic #MulletMonday posts, his throwback photos of his kids are definitely up there on the nice list as well.

Billy Ray and Noah Cyrus Throwback

His post today featured a little extra Christmas spirit. The throwback photo in question is of himself, Santa, and Noah Cyrus.

The photo screams the ’90s with the duo wearing classic holiday sweaters. Not to mention just how blurry the photo with a holiday border is.

I can just imagine Billy Ray scanning in the old photo, excited to share with his fans on Twitter.

The blurriness only adds to his cool dad factor. When it comes to spreading holiday joy and being near family, the Cyrus family seems to be all about it.

Cyrus Clan Together for the Holidays

Miley Cyrus recently was on “Good Morning Football” for Friday’s episode. Miley took over in her position as the NFL Artist Takeover.

According to People, Miley is a loyal Tennessee Titans fan. She said going against that would be a “huge issue.” The singer revealed that she was going to spend the holiday with her dad, which it appears she usually does.

The family event will be football and Tennessee farm life.

“My favorite thing to do when I go home is we go and we throw the ball around outside on my dad’s farm, and some of my greatest memories are playing football with my dad,” Cyrus said.

Although she’s a musician, Cyrus said that sports and her dad helped toughen her up and learn a lot of key traits.

“He’s an artist now and I’m an artist — we think of ourselves as athletes [with] constant dedication and training,” Miley continued. “And I think that athleticism ingrained a sense of dedication to me that I [am] thankful for,” Cyrus said.

Noah Cyrus Christmas

The youngest daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, Noah Cyrus, or as he calls her in the photo “Noie,” has been getting more attention recently.

For Christmas, the singer released “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” in 2017. Now, every year it is played as one of the Cyrus Christmas tunes.

Besides Christmas tunes, she recently released her single “All Three” where she pines for “someone good” to rush into her life. The result is a game with a toxic lover.

She was nominated as the Best New Artist at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, with her dad sitting beside her. Most recently she has released the song “July” on her second EP “The End of Everything.” She also released a cover of Mac Miller’s “Dunno.”

Billy Ray Cyrus and his family prove to be a group of talented artists.