Bindi Irwin’s Daughter ‘Is a Mood’ Rocking Sunglasses in Adorable Pic

by Amy Myers

Bindi Irwin’s daughter, Grace Warrior, is a model in the making. From all of the unbelievably adorable photos her mom posts, it’s clear she has a bright future ahead. So bright that she has to wear sunglasses. With her top-notch modeling techniques and familiarity with zoology, Grace Warrior can save animals and pose with them for cover shoots. Okay, we may be getting ahead of ourselves, but the latest addition to the Irwin family is killing it in her mom’s latest Instagram photo.

Surrounded by mom, dad and Uncle Robert, baby Grace wears a flower sunhat, pink sunglasses and a swan onesie. Propped up in Bindi Irwin’s arms, she stares off in the distance with a pout that accentuates her too-cute-too-handle chubby cheeks. Of course, with such sass, her mom just had to post the photo.

“Grace’s face is a MOOD,” Irwin wrote.

Bindi Irwin’s brother wore his khaki-colored zoo uniform, while the young mother had on a sweatshirt. Likely, Grace was back at the Australia Zoo for another visit.

Bindi Irwin Shares Photos of All Types of Babies

Although we love when Bindi Irwin’s daughter graces us with her appearance, we also love when the animal advocate posts photos of other zoo regulars. Recently, Irwin posted a photo of a baby koala propped on an identical stuffed animal. The tiny joey peeks over the top of the plush toy as his zookeeper secures him. Alongside the picture, Bindi Irwin shared that the sweet baby’s name was Edward. No wonder koala joey season is her favorite!

As a rescuer, Bindi Irwin also knows that not every new member of the Australia Zoo comes from a happy story. While joey Edward was thankfully born safely within the zoo’s enclosure, other animals come from much more unfortunate circumstances.

Just three days ago, Irwin announced the arrival of a swamp wallaby joey. In her photo, a tiny wallaby with big ears sat in a cocoon of blankets. The zookeeper named the baby Flick.

“Flick the swamp wallaby joey was found in his mum’s pouch after being hit by a car,” Irwin narrated in her caption. “Sadly, his mum didn’t make it, leaving poor Flick behind who was then diagnosed with pneumonia, struggling to breathe. With expert care from our vet team at the @AustraliaZoo Wildlife Hospital and a specialised wildlife carer, this adorable little one is doing much better and is well on his way to recovery.”

Thanks to Bindi, her husband and the rest of the Irwin family, animals like Flick have a second chance at life.