Bindi Irwin Snuggles Daughter Grace Warrior in Adorable New Photo

by Lauren Boisvert

Bindi Irwin, new mom and Australia’s sweetheart, recently posted an adorable photo with her daughter, Grace Warrior Irwin Powell. The Instagram post, captioned, “I love you beyond description,” features Bindi snuggling her daughter tightly while Grace Warrior looks on, seemingly thrilled at the embrace.

Grace Warrior was born March 25, 2021, on Bindi and husband Chandler Powell’s first wedding anniversary. Powell is a professional wakeboarder from Florida and staff member at the Australia Zoo.

While Bindi Irwin had many achievements in the past few years, her 2021 has mostly been wrapped up in becoming a new mom; she frequently posts updates on Grace Warrior on Instagram. Recently, the Powells celebrated Grace turning 5 months with an adorable Instagram post. Bindi wrote, “Every day she reminds us of the magic in even the simplest of things.”

Grace Warrior Irwin Powell, Legacy Baby

After bringing home Grace in March, Bindi Irwin celebrated her new baby with a heartfelt Instagram post. In the post, Bindi explains her baby’s name: “Grace Warrior Irwin Powell. Our graceful warrior is the most beautiful light.” She continued, writing, “Grace is named after my great-grandmother, and relatives in Chandler’s family dating back to the 1700s.”

As for her middle names, Warrior Irwin, Bindi explained, “[they] are a tribute to my dad and his legacy as the most incredible Wildlife Warrior.” In addition, Bindi wrote, “Her last name is Powell and she already has such a kind soul just like her dad.”

Recently, Bindi updated fans on Grace Warrior’s teething situation; she wrote on Instagram, “Early mornings and not much sleep for any of us.” She continued, “However, this little sunbeam smile makes it all worth it.” The caption accompanied a photo of Bindi and Grace at the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve, hanging out on the porch of their cabin.

Bindi Irwin’s History at the Australia Zoo

Bindi’s father, Steve Irwin, grew up around crocodiles and reptiles from a young age. He built the Australia Zoo out of his mother and father’s small reptile rehabilitation park in 1991; the Crocodile Hunter only grew from there.

Likewise, Bindi grew up at the zoo. Her profile on the Australia Zoo website claims, “She could not get through her day without connecting with the animals around her, particularly the echidnas, which are her favourites.” She is a passionate wildlife conservationist, like her parents, and shares her message of conservation through Wildlife Warriors, the charity her family started in 2002.

Starting in 2018, Bindi Irwin filmed the series Crikey! It’s the Irwins with her mother Terri, and brother Robert, for Discovery. In 2019, she started a campaign to end the harvesting of crocodile eggs; aspiring conservationists can sign the petition on the Wildlife Warriors website. In 2020 Bindi managed the Australia Zoo through 78 days of Covid-19 lockdown. She has certainly been busy these last few years, but it only looks like good things ahead for Bindi Irwin.