Blake Shelton on First Monday Without ‘The Voice’: ‘Doesn’t Seem Right’

by Joe Rutland

Blake Shelton is already missing his Monday night job as a judge for NBC’s “The Voice” and he’s sharing his thoughts on social media.

Shelton, who is engaged to fellow “Voice” coach Gwen Stefani, can’t believe there is not an episode this week. He reached out to his Twitter followers with this message.

One reason he might have some competitive feelings and “Voice” withdrawal is that Stefani’s team captured first place this year.

In the show’s 19th season, Carter Rubin captured the victory for her team.

Gwen Stefani Pokes Fun At Blake Shelton In Victory

Knowing her future husband’s competitive streak, Stefani decided to rub the victory in Shelton’s face just a little. As the couple left the studio, Stefani had a brief message for Blake.

“I just beat Blake Shelton at The Voice,” she said in a short video posted on Instagram. In addition, Stefani goes on to mention how grateful she is for Rubin’s singing talents netting her a win.

Shelton pretends to be upset, saying the show must have been “rigged” in Stefani’s favor. Meanwhile, the couple shares a laugh afterward and Shelton goes on social media to congratulate his bride-to-be and Rubin.

Shelton and Stefani will wed sometime in 2021 at Shelton’s Oklahoma Ranch.

Shelton Reflects On Success That He Has Had In Nashville

Many people still come to Nashville looking for success in the bars and offices of “Music City U.S.A.”

They try to hit it big but just a few succeed. Shelton definitely has learned some lessons and used those experiences to blast off into becoming a major star.

However, he still remembers his early days in Nashville.

“I don’t think there’s a word to describe how blessed or fortunate I’ve been,” Shelton said in an interview with Billboard. “I moved to Nashville after I graduated high school (in the early 1990s) hoping to hear just one of my songs on country radio.”

Shelton is now on “The Voice,” owner of a bar and restaurant in Nashville, winner of countless awards, and a world-famous singer and songwriter.