‘Blue Bloods’ Star Abigail Hawk Says ‘Saturdays Are For 3 Things’ in Sweet Post With Family

by Leanne Stahulak

“Blue Bloods” star Abigail Hawk has been sharing a lot of adorable family moments lately on social media, and we’re here for it.

Yesterday, the “Blue Bloods” actor described her typical Saturday as a story in three parts. Hawk shared an Instagram post with multiple photos and videos in it, most featuring her two cute kids. She captioned it, “Saturday: Scones. Sea life. Self care.”

The first video in the “Blue Bloods” actor’s post showed a child’s hand mixing together scone dough, with the child saying, “And we’re done Mommy, look!” The second photo showed the final product: a tray of delicious-looking triangular scones. One of Hawk’s kids drizzled a buttery liquid on top before they were put in the oven.

Hawk takes a video of herself and the kids in the third part of the post. The kids are holding tight to an umbrella as tons of wind and rain wallop them. “What a great summer day!” Hawk yells around the roaring wind. From the background, it looks like they’re at an outdoor animal enclosure at a zoo.

The “Blue Bloods” star confirms it’s in fact the New York Aquarium in the next photo. Her youngest son stands next to a glass enclosure with a bright orange jellyfish inside. In the next photo, the two stand next to a wall with different facts about squids. And in the next photo, the two children look into a circular window at some coral and sea anemones.

The last photo in Hawk’s post shows the last part of her Saturday: Self-care. The “Blood Bloods” star ends her day with a shower and under-eye facial cleanser, smiling as she looks off-camera. Given how jam-packed her day was, Hawk definitely deserved it.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Abigail Hawk Posts Gorgeous ‘Photo Dumps’ From Family Vacation

Last week, Hawk shared five separate “photo dumps” of her family vacation in Maine. The family experienced a great mixture of indoor and outdoor activities, taking advantage of the several historical sites as well.

In the most recent photo dump, the “Blue Bloods” star revealed a gorgeous panoramic landscape around her in the first video. She then took the kids to an alpaca farm, featuring several adorable photos of the fuzzy animals. The last photo in the post showed a sweet selfie of Hawk with her husband, Bryan Spies. Hawk gives him a kiss on the cheek while he grins at the camera.

The rest of Hawk’s photo dumps follow a similar fashion, featuring several different unknown family members and interesting places around Maine. You can tell that the “Blue Bloods” star is posting the pictures just because she really likes them, not because she’s trying to gain followers or social media likes.