‘Blue Bloods’ Actors Apparently Re-enact Classic Movie Scenes Inbetween Dinner Table Takes

by Megan Molseed

For the cast of “Blue Bloods,” the infamous dinner scenes are some of the most important in each episode of the show. And, while the filming takes time, the actors find ways to fill the moment’s in-between takes. Sometimes, that time is filled with movie reenactments.

“You Don’t Need Everyone To Love You, Just A Few Good People,” – PT Barnum.

This PT Barnum quote is likely one “Blue Bloods” actress Vanessa Ray has heard from her costar, Donnie Wahlberg in-between filming pivotal scenes of the hit series. And, chances are, Ray fires back with “A Few Good Men’s” iconic line: “you can’t handle the truth!”

“I love in-between takes at the dinner table,” Vanessa Ray said in a recent interview with The Nerds of Color. “We share favorite movie recommendations. Sometimes there are re-enactments of favorite scenes.”

The actress noted that she loves to re-enact – and quote – the famous Tom Cruise drama “A Few Good Men,” while fellow “Blue Bloods” star, Donnie Wahlberg’s go-to movie moments tend to come from the 2017 Hugh Jackman hit, “The Greatest Showman.”

“I feel a genuine sense of pride when anyone (especially Tom) comes back the next week having watched one of my recommendations,” Ray added.

“Blue Bloods” Partners Find Love On Screen

Vanessa Ray plays Eddie Janko on the hit police procedural drama. The actress joined the cast in season four when her character was first partnered with Jamie Reagan (Will Estes.)

While the two were paired on the job, Eddie and Jamie hit it off immediately. And fans of the show couldn’t have been happier. The chemistry between the two was perfect as they first developed a friendship. Eventually, the partners became romantically involved.

“I love that they see the world differently and challenge each other to be better, do better, and go farther,” Vanessa Ray said of Eddie’s relationship with Jamie on “Blue Bloods.”

“It’s not always easy with them, but they wouldn’t be who they are without the other,” she continued. “I also love that they are these two no-nonsense cops that both have this extremely gentle side that they almost exclusively show each other. On board from the start!”

Eddie and Jamie were married in “Blue Bloods” season nine. Five seasons after the duo became partners. This, of course, put Eddie right at the table during the Reagan family’s infamous dinner scenes. Bringing Vanessa Ray’s love of film right along with it!

Family Dinners Are An Important Way to Connect

While the fun of filming these scenes is something Vanessa Ray loves, she also sees the importance of them as well.

“I hope that we are showing our viewers that if the love is strong in a relationship, you can disagree and still be at peace with one another,” said Ray. “The Reagan’s come together NO MATTER WHAT their differences are. I hope our viewers find ways to do the same in their own way.”