‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Explains How Danny Matured But Still Kept Identity in 2014 Interview

by Megan Molseed

He’s brash, he’s passionate, and his dedication to the force, his family, and the badge has always been apparent. However, “Blue Bloods” character Danny Reagan has certainly had his share of complicated moments during the show’s last eleven seasons.

Wahlberg portrays the son of New York City Police Commissioner, Frank Reagan. (Tom Selleck.) Each member of the Reagan family, from Danny’s siblings to his father, and even grandfather, holds a position within the New York City legal system. Danny’s brother, Joe, who was murdered before the show’s events began in the 2010 season premiere, was a police officer.

During a 2014 interview with CBS This Morning, “Blue Bloods” actor, Donnie Wahlberg spoke of his Danny Reagan character and the growth he had been seeing since the show’s start in 2010.

Donnie Wahlberg believes that Danny was beginning to mature by that point in the hit CBS’s series run. However, noted Wahlberg, many of the changes were reluctant ones.

“Blue Bloods” Danny Reagan Marches to His Own Beat

“My character just sort of, you know, marches to the beat of his own drum on the show,” Wahlberg noted. “His dad’s the commissioner, but I think he’s cut from more than just old school cloth.”

The actor went on to note that Danny Reagan often finds himself walking both sides of the line, blurring what some perceive as the unquestionable right decisions with the not-so-great choices.

“It’s important for him to not be just considered, you know, one of the good cops because his dad’s the boss,” Wahlberg added.

The “Blue Bloods” star went on to note that in the upcoming season, which would have been the show’s fifth season, a new Lieutenant would join the ranks giving the Danny, who often played by his own rules, a run for his money.

New Leadership Helped Wahlberg’s Character Grow

“This year he has a new lieutenant coming into the squad room that is really going to straighten him out,” the actor said of his “Blue Bloods” character. “LaTanya Richardson plays the part. She’s phenomenal.”

Donnie added that the new lieutenant could have even cleaned Danny up a bit.

“She might make my character shave a little bit,” Wahlberg said with a laugh.

The new “Blue Bloods” Lieutenant, Dee Ann Carver was one that insisted her officers did everything “by the book,” not something Danny always wanted to hear. The two immediately had issues. Danny even seeks to be transferred into another precinct. The two did eventually begin to see eye-to-eye as the season progressed.

Interestingly enough, LaTanya Richardson only appeared five times in her only season. Wahlberg’s interview made it seem like she was set for a long-term role. The character of Carver departed after she and Danny witnessed her father commit suicide.