‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Revealed the Three People He’d Want to Portray Him in a Movie, Including Bruce Willis

by Taylor Cunningham

Back in 2020, Donnie Wahlberg helped #DWAir20Questions trend on social media. While mid-flight with his wife, he asked his fans to join in on the Q&A fun.

“It’s a BH thing—you wouldn’t understand,” he wrote from his seat.

Donne Wahlberg followed by tweeting a snapshot with his wife, Jenny McCarthy. The famously smitten couple has been married for seven years.

The #DWAir20Questions game is simple. Fans tweet their most burning questions, and a celebrity answers them. And since the former New Kids on The Block singer has a huge following, the questions came rolling in.

Tweeters asked him everything from how he was dealing with the pandemic to what his favorite holiday movie is. His answer to the ladder was the “New Kids Cartoon Special or Die Hard (it’s an XMAS movie).”

Then one fan jumped in and asked who Donnie Wahlberg would like to play him in a movie.

He answered, “Ok … Either of my sons as young me and Bruce Willis as old me. Though I’d rather play Bruce.” Considering his favorite Christmas movie is Die Hard, we’re seeing a theme here.

Donnie Wahlberg’s Hilarious Outtake

It’s been almost a year since Donnie Wahlberg started his 20 questions tweet, and he’s still delighting fans with his Twitter feed.

On August 18th, The Band Of Brothers star was trying to respond well-wishes on his 52nd birthday. He was on the Blue Bloods set at the time, and he wasn’t very focused on his work. So, the crew sent a personal assistant to act in his place. 

“When you’re busy tweeting on your bday, while shooting @BlueBloods_CBS, so they have a P.A. play your role in a scene in your place,” he tweeted alongside a video.

In the scene, Donnie’s stand-in sits with actress Marisa Ramirez in an interrogation room.

The P.A. did such a fantastic job that Wahlberg decided to show off “Sharky’s” acting chops. “Great work Sharkey. Guess we’ll be watching you Friday nights this fall,” Donnie Wahlberg continued.

Season 12 of Blue Bloods premieres on October 1st on CBS. And Hopefully, Sharkey earned his was into a cameo or two.