‘Blue Bloods’: Donnie Wahlberg Reveals Jimmy Buffett Is Appearing on Upcoming Episode

by Jonathan Howard

Hey Outsiders! Listen to this mash-up. Parrot Heads should be tuning into Blue Bloods because Donnie Wahlberg has revealed a special guest coming up. That’s right, Jimmy Buffett is going to be appearing in an episode alongside Wahlberg.

Over on his Instagram, the actor shared a post mentioning the guest’s appearance. Jimmy always finds his way to the beach and the water, so it’s no surprise this picture was taken at Rockaway Beach. The famed Queens beach might be where Buffett makes his appearance. Check it out below.

The caption said, “Looks Rockaway Beach, but it feels like Margaritaville! Having a great time shooting a fun new episode of @bluebloods_cbs with the legend @jimmybuffett! What a great guy! So fun! #YachtRockaway.”

Immediately fans took to the post. Fans of Blue Bloods, fans of Buffett, and fans of a good time in general. While it isn’t a duo I would picture in my mind, I bet Jimmy and Donnie found some time to socialize off camera. This season of the show has proved to be exciting and filled with action and drama. Throwing Buffett in the mix is just icing on the cake. Hopefully, nothing bad happens to the laid-back singer.

Speaking of this season, Eddie is going through things right now. A new partner and a new dynamic have her in a strange position. It is never easy to take on a new partner and that is showing for this member of the NYPD. It’s a relationship that Will Estes, who plays Jamie on Blue Bloods, says is like, “oil and water.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Eddie Starts on Shaky Ground with New Partner

The new partner is going to be something fans want to tune in for. Blue Bloods introduces a new character, and that means a new storyline is possible. Then again, this could be a short-term project. Perhaps this will be a short story arc or will lead to a new long-lasting dynamic.

Luis Badillo is who Jamie Reagan decides is the right fit for his wife. However, despite thinking that the two would complement each other, viewers will find out that is not the case. “He thought they would complement each other,” Estes said. “But they’re like oil and water. Later, that will come to a head.”

While the two partners have similar personalities, that doesn’t always work out. That is something that the Blue Bloods team members will have to work out. Perhaps it is a relationship that can be salvaged. However, conflict on the job is never good and can lead to disastrous consequences. The last thing they need in the field is tension between partners. The NYPD can’t have that. It is all going to play out as this season continues this fall.