‘Blue Bloods’: Everything to Know About Upcoming Episode Featuring Joe Hill’s Return

by Maria Hartfield

Fans are anxiously waiting for the release of the CBS show Blue Bloods’ upcoming episode, “Be Smart, Or Be Dead.” Rumor has it fan-favorite cast member Joe Hill (Will Hockman) is set to return.

According to CBS, viewers of the series will have a chance to see Hill, the son of the late Joe Reagan — and grandson of Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), back in the new episode airing November 12, 2021 at 10pm EST.

Here’s everything you need to know as we prepare for Blue Bloods’ season 12 episode 6 airing on CBS next week. Warning: the below contains spoiler alerts.

Family Tension Rises in Upcoming Episode

In the season 12 episode 6 synopsis, “Frank causes family tension when he assigns Jamie to guard Danny after a hit is put on him, and when Frank tries to stop his cop grandson, Joe Hill, from seeking revenge after he’s attacked. Eddie gets a hostile new partner. Erin’s moral character is attacked by the defense when she tries an old murder case related to her boss, the D.A.”

There’s a lot to unpack from the episode summary. The main question begs who put a hit out on Danny and why? This one question alone could have repercussions that last far beyond the current plot.

Jamie and Eddie attempt to work on their marriage. Erin creates her own path, and Joe Hill is on the verge of making some increasingly dangerous decisions.

Blood Blood’s Season 12 Episode 5 Recap

In Blue Blood’s episode 5, titled “Good Intentions,” we see Frank Reagan debating with the archbishop while Jamie and Eddie’s marriage continues to falter. Eddie welcomes her father, Armin Janko back with open arms with a less than thrilled Jamie. Former inmate Janko has nowhere to crash after his recent release. Eddie is successfully able to convince Jamie to let Armin temporarily stay with them for the time being.

Elsewhere, Danny and Baez work to locate a missing girl. Anthony uncovers some disturbing evidence alluding to the fact that he may have imprisoned the wrong suspect. Frank works to keep Kevin, the archbishop, calm amid the vandalization of Father Mike MacDougal’s apartment.

In the end, Danny and Baez find the missing woman, who turns out to be David’s ex-fiancée. Frank welcomes Eddie to the family. And finally, the archbishop makes up his mind to transfer Father MacDougal.

Tune in to see what’s next! “Be Smart or Be Dead” airs on Friday, Nov. 12, 2021 at 10pm EST on the CBS Television Network, and is available to stream live on-demand Paramount+. Additionally, a subscription to Hulu can get you a head start on previous seasons of the show.