‘Blue Bloods’: Exciting New Pics of Tom Selleck Emerge From Set of Next Season Production

by Matthew Wilson

Frank Reagan is back. Recently, some behind-the-scenes set photos surfaced of everyone’s favorite police commissioner on “Blue Bloods.” The show is currently filming its upcoming 12th season.

Viewers can see Tom Selleck and his iconic mustache in all of its glory. The actor appeared as Frank for an outdoor scene in the upcoming episodes. Selleck wore both a police cap and a pair of aviators to complete the look. In the photos, Selleck’s Frank appears solemn and pensive. He’s standing at a distance as he oversees an arrest being made.

Viewers can check out the photos here.

This will be Selleck’s 12th outing as Frank Reagan, the longest he’s ever played a character. Even the iconic Thomas Magnum only last eight seasons before Selleck decided to step away from the role. But Selleck seems to be enjoying himself on “Blue Bloods.” They say that time flies when you’re having fun.

“I don’t know what happened to the time. It seems like we’re in about our third year,” Tom Selleck said earlier in the show’s run. “I’m very proud of the show. I know everybody talks ratings. Yes, we’re in the seventh year. We’re still growing. We had a higher rating in this premiere – the one you saw – than we did last year.”

Tom Selleck on ‘Blue Bloods’ Popularity

But Tom Selleck would be out of a job if people didn’t turn out on a regular basis to see the Reagan clan. The actor believes that both “Blue Bloods” and “Magnum PI” are similar. Selleck called both of the series character-driven dramas. Selleck believes that audiences love watching shows that feel real and focus on real problems.

“It’s a police family. They don’t – we don’t – pull punches on, on their opinions,” Selleck said. “We don’t try to water them down to make it acceptable to everybody. Although, I think they’re pretty reasonable people.”

Unlike many shows, Selleck says that “Blue Bloods” doesn’t set up Frank Reagans for an automatic victory. Perhaps, what keeps viewers on the edge of their seats is knowing that Frank can lose. It’s certainly provided Selleck with some great material to work with.

Sometimes life is full of setbacks and wins don’t come easily. But they say you only really get to know a person when all of the cards are down. Portraying Frank as a flawed man has helped Selleck to really sink into the character.

“But at the same time, we work very hard – you don’t see Frank’s adversaries who disagree with him as written so that everything is set up for Frank so that he can always win,” Selleck said. “We try very hard to provide strong characters who present their points of view in very strong ways. And that’s, I think, how you get balance.”