‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Can’t Get Over This Odd Frank Reagan Habit

by Michael Freeman

If you’re a huge fan of a show, chances are you’ve noticed inconsistencies and oddities with characters, props, or locations. In the case of Blue Bloods, a certain Frank Reagan habit has many people scratching their heads.

User yyg2211 on Reddit noticed the quirk as they watched through the entire series. Apparently, Reagan never hangs up his own coat. “So I’ve been binging this show pretty hard. On season 10 now, I can let most things go but this one thing keeps driving me crazy,” yyg2211 writes.

“Why can’t Frank hang up his own jacket? He walks into his office, throws it on the chair and then Baker hangs it up about 10ft away! Maybe it’s my love for Baker but this seems unnecessary, he literally passes the coat rack to sit down. Tell me I’m not alone.” You’re not alone. I’ve noticed Frank throws his jacket on the chair all the time as well, but never really thought about it until now.

Another user replies saying they also noticed the detail but saw it as a sort of relationship marker. They then point out a scene when Jamie and Eddie were just friends and she passed him some tomatoes off her burger. The user says it could just be something between the two.

User Tel864 also offers a plausible suggestion. “Maybe the chair is fine with him and he doesn’t care if the jacket is hung or not. Along comes Baker with a touch of OCD and wanting to keep the office somewhat neat, hangs it up. I don’t think he expects her to hang it up.”

Nonetheless, the top-rated post simply states he starts doing it in later seasons. I guess in addition to plot points, we’ll all be watching Frank Reagan’s coat to see what he does.

Frank Reagan’s Office Lacks Something Most Police Commissioners Have

Frank Reagan’s odd coat habit isn’t the only thing Blue Bloods fans noticed lately. In another Reddit post, it was pointed out his office doesn’t have something it really should: a computer.

One fan noticed this when he and his wife were watching lately, wondering how he gets any work done. Considering his position, one would think he’d be on it constantly. While he probably has an assistant or subordinate to answer emails and the like, he’d still need it for pressing or confidential issues, right?

The fan suggests we see him in a sort of ceremonial office for meetings, while he has a smaller one where he does computer work. However, the top-rated comment comes from a supposed IT person who claims the further up the management chain you go, the less they personally work on computers. This could very well be true for Frank.

Liamb1985 also provides his own simple explanation and that’s a computer would ruin or obstruct the shot. Either way, it’s a glaring omission I can’t help but notice now when I see him in his office.