‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Would’ve Liked To See Danny Regan Sing a Different Song During Season Premiere

by Quentin Blount

Danny Reagan got a chance to show off his vocal skills on the Season 12 premiere of Blue Bloods. But some fans out there wish he would have sung a different song.

Sure, the Blue Bloods Season 12 opening episode didn’t feature any crazy twists or anything like that. But it did end with one pretty great moment. And that was when Donnie Wahlberg’s character, Danny Reagan, agreed to go to a karaoke bar with Maggie. Once he was there, he got behind the microphone and sang “Start Me Up” by The Rolling Stones.

However, there is at least one fan of the show on Reddit who wishes he would have channeled his inner New Kids on the Block. If you are a longtime fan of the show, then you probably know that Wahlberg is not only popular as a famous actor but also as a member of the boy band New Kids on the Block.

The original poster on Reddit made a post on Sunday titled, “Season 12 Episode 1 Missed Opportunity.”

“When Danny was at the karaoke bar, did anyone else want him to sing some [New Kids on the Block]?” the OP asks. “I thought that would have been awesome!”

Most other Blue Bloods fans seem to be split between agreeing with the OP, disagreeing with the OP, and flat out ignoring the question to make their own comment.

“It would have been a bit cliche,” the top comment reads. “And I’m sure they deliberately avoided it for that reason.”

“I’m just surprised seeing Mr. Grumpy happy and smiling,” one person replied.

“I thought we’d get to hear him sing SOMETHING,” another Reddit user said. “But two words in and it cut to credits.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Hinted at His Performance Before the Episode Aired

Donnie Wahlberg is known for being a man of the people. And during the Season 12 premiere of Blue Bloods, it was definitely a treat to see him go back to his old singing days, but this time around as Danny Reagan. Prior to the premiere of the new season, he took to social media to tease the show and even hinted at his karaoke performance.

“T minus 30 minutes and counting til the return of, and the all-new season 12 premiere of, #BLUEBLOODS @BlueBloods_CBS 10/9c ONly @cbstv,” he captioned the post. After that, he added in a little hint about his upcoming karaoke performance.

“(PS — Danny Reagan may go a little Donnie Wahlberg tonight.)” And that’s exactly what he did.

We’ll need to keep our eyes peeled because it’s likely that Wahlberg will keep giving his fans little teases here and there about upcoming episodes. It’s always cool to see just how proud he is of his character and of the show in general.

The next episode of Blue Bloods will air on CBS on Friday, October 8 at 10 p.m. ET.