‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Debate if Frank Reagan Could Be ‘Disliked’

by Jennifer Shea

NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) is the center of “Blue Bloods,” an anchor for his family amid the drama of police and prosecutorial work. But is he likeable?

On Reddit, “Blue Bloods” fans have recently been debating whether Frank gets on their nerves and why that is.

Some of their reasons include: Frank is hypocritical, he always has to have the last word, he embarks on personal vendettas, he grandstands, he is stuffy and he dispenses special favors to a Catholic priest.

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Debate Why Frank Reagan Bugs Them

One fan kicked off the thread with the opinion that by Season 7, Frank had become “insufferable.” They wondered who Frank thinks he is, and pointed out some perceived hypocrisy. Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg), on the other hand, is mellowing, the fan said.

“It turns out the famous frank values are always for other people to follow and obey and there are suddenly more shades of grey when it comes to him,” the fan posted. “I found it embarrassing that Frank wants to raise the age limit of being in office and also hated it when he coerced Erin to help him because ‘family comes first’.”

Other fans quickly jumped in to agree. They accused Frank of grandstanding and said he makes them want to drop “Blue Bloods” from their watch list.

“He says all the time that ‘his’ police officers should respect authority but he has no respect for the mayor or the governor, his own employers for god sakes!” another fan chimed in. “I’m also not a fan of the way he treats Jamie and Danny, constantly wanting to be ‘hand off’, no involvement because he doesn’t want to show favoritism, but wants to be involved in everyone else’s’ lives like victims of crimes or alleged criminals, troubled teens or families. He’ll keep tabs on families of past cases, attend support groups and pull strings, as long as it’s not his kids he’s doing them for.”

Some Fans Pipe Up to Defend Frank

Not everybody was ragging on Frank, however. Some “Blue Bloods” fans piped up in his defense. They explained Frank’s perspective to a fan who had said “he should be working for his people not his men in blue,” and said in some situations it was fair for Frank to be pissed off at others.

“I guess you don’t understand his job at all or even what a police commissioner does,” one fan explained to another complaining fan. “The only men in blue, his officers, are his people and it’s his job to manage the day to day operation of the entire police [department].”

And replying to the original post, another fan defended Frank, in what was really more a defense of Selleck.

“What?” the fan replied. “Not with those dimples & stache.”

Like him or not, Frank Reagan will be back for Season 12 this autumn. So fans will have more fodder for debate coming down the pike shortly.