‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Question Frank Reagan’s Scope of ‘Work’ Without a Computer

by Joe Rutland

If you watch “Blue Bloods” then you’ll see NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck, does his “work” minus a computer.

Reagan is a pretty stand-up guy who meets his New York officers and staff members face-to-face. Redditors, though, are busy talking about the Commish being old-school with his work efforts.

A poster asked, “How does Frank do any work?” and away we go with the “Blue Bloods” fans talking about it.

“Frank doesn’t have a computer on his desk,” the Redditor asking this question writes. “My wife pointed this out tonight. I know he’s old school, but surely not old school enough to do everything on paper?”

So another Redditor about “Blue Bloods” replied, “The PC (Police Commissioner) is a manager. He meets with his department heads, looks over proposals, makes policy decisions. He directs. I’m in IT and most people I deal with are computer-savvy, but the higher you go, the less you have to touch a keyboard and the more you rely on your next-level-down to bring issues to you for decisions or interventions.”

Well, there you go. Enough of an answer to solve this mystery? Not so fast.

‘Blue Bloods’ Viewer Says Frank Works On A More ‘Person-To-Person’ Basis

“We only ever see the office/desk where he talks to people,” one Redditor replied. “There’s an adjoining office and desk with a computer where real work gets done. ;)”

Yet another decided to jump in with this reply about “Blue Bloods” and Frank’s work style.

“I personally think he works more on a person-to-person basis,” the Redditor writes. “He talks to his heads of departments directly. He has Baker schedule everything on her computer and print stuff for him to look at. But uses face-to-face stuff for most of it.”

“Blue Bloods” will kick off its 12th season this fall. Selleck returns in his role and he’ll have co-stars Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan on board.

Moynahan’s Character Falls Into Position That Fans Want More From Her

Speaking of Moynahan, she currently fills the role of Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan on “Blue Bloods” on CBS. But this show’s following apparently believes Reagan could be doing more.

“I feel like Erin has been passed around and has ruined any chance she has in moving up,” a Redditor posted. “I remember in an earlier season when Mayor Poole was there she applied for judgeship and that didn’t work out, now she’s been passed up for the DA position too?! I’d love for her to be more than her brother’s aid.”

That reference goes to Moynahan, as Erin Reagan, helping Wahlberg’s character, Detective Danny Reagan, on different occasions. “Blue Bloods” definitely shows the Reagan family members as police officers and the legal side.