‘Blue Bloods’ Fans React to Season 12 News

by Emily Morgan

“Blue Bloods” fans just got a piece of news that is guaranteed to make their day. Fans can hardly contain their excitement after the show announced its premiere date for season 12.

After the season 11 finale on May 15, fans of the long-running police procedural have been itching for news about the upcoming premiere. Now, the news is finally here. On Monday, July 12, the official Instagram and Twitter account for “Blue Bloods” announced the news that season 12 will be out in just a few months.

“Add October 1 to your phone calendars. Now,” the show’s Twitter account posted. As a result, the news has since gone viral and widely liked and re-shared across all social media platforms. “Yes!! Forthwith!” one Instagram user commented about the news.

“I just can’t believe how he moved through the ranks of private investigator in Hawaii to the PC!” one fan wrote, referencing Tom Selleck’s namesake role from the 1980s on “Magnum, PI.”

“Counting the days,” another fan wrote, adding in a series of blue hearts.

Fans Speculate About Potential Romance in New Season of ‘Blue Bloods’

However, there was a flip side to the happy announcement. Fans quickly pointed out their disappointment regarding the lack of relationship development between Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Baez (Marisa Ramirez).

“Shame that the show has decided to pull the Danny and Baez story after two years of teasing it,” one fan commented, which then triggered a chain of saddened users who also chimed in.

When asked how the user knew the piece of disheartening news, they responded with, “Donnie Wahlberg and ‘Blue Bloods’ executive producer Kevin Wade both did interviews ruling it out.”

They arent’ wrong. In fact, Wade revealed more about Danny and Baez in an interview with TV Insider. “We recognize it and certainly the actors like each other, in front of the camera and between setups,” Kevin said following the season finale.

“I’m gonna use Sam and Diane from ‘Cheers’ and really age myself here, but once it happens, there’s nowhere to go. There really aren’t stories in happy couples and there are definitely not stories in police detectives on the job having a personal relationship with their partner.”

In season eight of “Blue Bloods,” Danny’s wife Linda was murdered. After the tragedy, Danny focused on trying to live his life without her. Later in season 11, viewers saw him get closer to Baez.

In the season premiere, he invited Baez to a family dinner for the first time. He later found out that she was dating someone else. Yet, she later admitted to Danny that she didn’t tell him because it felt weird. The plot made fans think they were hinting at having feelings for each other but weren’t ready to act on them.

Which makes us beg the question, who will Danny and Baez end up with in season 12? Fans will have to wait for October to find out.