‘Blue Bloods’: Here’s What Bridget Moynahan Considers Major Differences Between Her Own Family and Reagans

by Keeli Parkey

Like her character in “Blue Bloods,” actress Bridget Moynahan comes from an Irish-American family. However, sharing that Irish heritage is about the only thing Moynahan’s real-life family and fictional family have in common.

That character, of course, is Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan. She is the daughter in a family of New York City police officers led by Police Chief Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck). The family also includes Erin’s brothers, Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and officer Jamie Regan (Will Estes). Frank’s father is retired police commissioner Henry Reagan (Len Cariou).

Moynahan talked about the differences between her real-life family and her “Blue Bloods” family during a 2013 interview with Steve Adubato on “One on One.” Turns out, according to the actress, her real-life family is much more laid back than the famous Reagans.

“I come from an Irish family, but we don’t, we never had discussions like this at the dinner table,” the actress said. She is referencing the many Reagan family dinner scenes that have been part of the series over the years. “And we rarely ever, kind of, got in each other’s faces when we disagreed. So, we were a little bit calmer and, maybe, nicer.”

Moyhanan said she personally shared some similarities with her “Blue Bloods” character.

“I think there’s a lot of similarites between Erin Reagan and me. In just obvious things, like single mother, coming from an Irish-Catholic family, working mother,” Moynahan said. “So, there’s a lot of similarities. And, I tend to like to play by the rules. I like lists and I like rules and I like showing up on time. And I like values and morals, and all that stuff. So, there’s a lot of things I feel like we have similarities in.”

Bridget Moynahan Said Her ‘Blue Bloods’ Character Stands Up for What She Believes

The interview also included a clip of Moynahan’s, Cariou’s, and Selleck’s characters having a heated debate around their dinner table. This argument ends with Moynahan storming away from the family meal.

“Grandpa (Cariou) never got mad at me before, so that was the first time,” Moynahan said after watching the “Blue Bloods” scene. “He’s kind of the sweetest man on the planet. So, it’s funny to have him act that way towards me.”

That scene, according to Moynahan shows how her character will stand up for her beliefs, even against the members of the Reagan family.

“That was one of the scenes where she, she really was doing what she felt was right, even though it’s not what she might emotionally want the outcome to be,” the “Blue Bloods” actress explained. “So, the rest of the episode kind of questions that.”

You can watch Bridget Moynahan talk about “Blue Bloods” with Steve Adubato below. Her comments about the differences between her real-life family and her television family begin around the 1:40 mark of the interview.