‘Blue Bloods’: How Erin Actress Bridget Moynahan Prepares for Emotional On-Screen Moments

by Katie Maloney

“Blue Bloods” has successfully aired for 11 seasons for a reason. The show offers fans the perfect combination of drama, excitement, and heartfelt family scenes. There’s even some occasional humor on the show. So how do the “Blue Bloods” actors prepare for some of the more emotional scenes on the show? Actress Bridget Moynahan, who plays Erin Reagan on the show, revealed the details. During an interview in 2020, Moynahan talked about the dynamic between the cast. She said that each actor takes full responsibility for preparing for the scene on their own. Then, they all come together for the scene confident and knowing that everyone is ready to give everything they have. She said that, because of this strategy, everyone can simply be present during the scene.

“Well, what’s nice about working with such a pro like Tom [Selleck] is that we both kind of do our preparation. And then we’re just present with each other,” said Moynahan.

She added that the casting directors really hit a home run with “Blue Bloods.” She also said that the more heartfelt family dinner scene is what clicked the cast into place while filming the very first episode.

“And really, that’s a tribute to the casting. Because that’s how we fell into it in the first episode, the pilot. We all met around the family dinner. And we all fell into our familial roles instantly,” said Moynahan. “And it seemed to just click.

Moynahan also talked about the way Tom Selleck, the family’s patriarch, grounds any emotional scene that he’s in.

“So, in those kinds of scenes, dad has a way of keeping it light sometimes while at the same time understanding the gravity,” said Moynahan. “And, at the same time, giving out some wisdom.”

Bridget Moynahan talks about “Blue Bloods”

‘Blue Bloods’ Actress Bridget Moynahan Will Never Eat This Food Again After Eating Too Much Onscreen

It’s no secret that the family dinner scenes on “Blue Bloods” are a fan favorite. It’s also no secret that the cast doesn’t love having to eat for the amount of time it takes to film those scenes. During the same interview, Moynahan talked about how she feels “disgusting” after filming the family dinner scenes.

“You know, I don’t know if the food is bad. But when you’re eating for four hours, you just never feel good,” said Moynahan. “Like, I just had a family dinner today and I feel disgusting. And I only ate green beans the whole time. It just doesn’t feel good.”

However, there was one project that the actress worked on, long before “Blue Bloods” that had tainted her taste buds ever more so than family dinner scenes.

“I did a commercial for like pantyhose or something,” said Moynahan. “And they made me eat cheesecake for the whole commercial. And I just kept eating it and eating it. And I’ve never had cheesecake again.”