‘Blue Bloods’: Is Frank Reagan Going to Retire in Season 12?

by Joe Rutland

Apparently, there are some people wondering if “Blue Bloods” family patriarch and NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan is set to retire.

Will he call it a career in law enforcement during the CBS police drama’s upcoming Season 12?

Selleck talked about his character’s future before Season 11 in an interview with TV Insider.

“Frank is seriously considering resignation,” Selleck said. “The job is so wearing on him. He’s looked for ways out before, but this time it’s serious. He doesn’t think he’s being effective in this antipolice climate, and he can’t protect the rank and file. So maybe it’s time for new blood.”

An interesting turn of words from Selleck. “New blood” for “Blue Bloods.” Will it happen? This is one plotline fans will keep their eyes on as Season 12 kicks off on CBS on Oct. 1.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Feels Like Network Takes Show ‘For Granted’

Pardon Selleck if he feels a little ticked sometimes at CBS. The network stuck “Blue Bloods” at what many TV network executives and followers call the “dead hour.” Selleck’s show airs on Friday nights at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central.

“Friday night, for those of you who don’t know, it was the worst night in television,” the “Blue Bloods” star also said. “And, 10 o’clock [Eastern time] is death. Nine o’clock shows are supposed to be the deal. …”

It’s not a high-volume hour when it comes to ratings and viewers. Selleck, though, took the situation in stride and talked about it in a 2016 interview with with the SAG-AFTRA Foundation.

“Well, you know, we’ve been kind of the little engine that could that CBS, I think, kind of takes for granted,” Selleck said.

“They put us on Friday night at 10 o’clock,” he said of “Blue Bloods.” “Everybody thought – it was the highest testing pilot they had – but they stuck us there and everybody thought we were doomed. And, we kind of said, ‘Well, if you build it, they’ll come.'”

Core Cast Members Help Keep Show Moving Forward on CBS

Build it indeed. Selleck is surrounded by a core cast that has come together over the years. Besides himself, “Blue Bloods” also stars Donnie Wahlberg [Detective Danny Reagan], Will Estes [Sergeant Jamie Reagan], Bridget Moynahan [Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan], and Len Cariou [Retired NYPD Commissioner Henry Reagan].

The show continues to draw viewers thanks to things like its focus on family matters. That, obviously, is reflected by the numerous dinner scenes during the 11 previous “Blue Bloods” seasons.

In the SAG-AFTRA interview, Selleck pointed out that “Blue Bloods” is a character-driven show. That was something he wanted to do and said is one reason his previous CBS hit show, “Magnum, P.I.,” remains popular around the world.

He was very clear to point out that the police drama is about the people and the “problems of the human condition.”