‘Blue Bloods’ Star Bridget Moynahan Celebrates ‘John Wick’ Anniversary

by Jonathan Howard

It’s hard to believe that the first John Wick came out seven years ago, but Blue Bloods star Bridget Moynahan remembers. She recently posted a photo on Twitter to celebrate the anniversary ahead of an all-new episode of Blue Bloods.

Back in 2014, Moynahan played the wife of the revengeful John Wick. In the pic, she is standing next to Keanu Reeves on the night of the premiere. She was also in the 2017 sequel. She did not appear in the third film.

Those that follow Bridget Moynahan know that her page is a good place to see throwback pics every once in a while. She also drops teasers and trailers for Blue Bloods. As Erin Reagan, she is one of the most popular roles on the show. Reagan is the Assistant District Attorney and the only daughter of Frank Reagan.

Last week in the season premiere, Erin spoke with her boss Kimberly to get to the bottom of a decades-old murder. As she digs deeper into the case, she realizes she may have got involved in something she shouldn’t have been. In the end, Kimberly lets her know, “The next time you want to help me, please don’t.”

So, it seems that Kimberly and Erin might have a rough patch ahead. It will be interesting what the dynamics in the DA’s office on Blue Bloods will be like moving forward. What fans are really concerned about, what is going on with Eddie? It appears that Jamie is starting to realize his wife is lying about her evening activities.

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The deal with Eddie and Jamie is going to have Blue Bloods fans in a tizzy. It appears that Jamie is going to have a reckoning with his wife. This could be a huge secret or something else entirely. There is no telling what could happen.

As for the District Attorney’s office, what happens now that Kimberly has been somewhat implicated in a murder coverup? Erin has already pushed for the case to be opened and solved. Now, with the main suspect in cuffs, is there an obligation to go after her boss? There is going to be tension and possibly a confrontation as early as tomorrow night.

Meanwhile, the NYPD and the Mayor’s office have a PR nightmare on their hands still with the violence that happened at the school bus. There is an ongoing dispute between Frank Reagan and the Mayor. On this subject, the two are at odds with one another. The PD doesn’t feel supported while the Mayor wants to put off a feeling of safety in the city.

One thing is for sure Blue Bloods is going to be filled with drama come Friday night. With a strong cast, this is going to be another season that fans are going to love. There are all of these small stories already building up. They are bound to come to a head at some point in the season. Buckle up and enjoy the show all fall long.