‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Is ‘Thankful For Every Moment’ Jamming to Classic Soft Rock Tune in New Video

by John Jamison

“Blue Bloods” star Donnie Wahlberg is thankful for every moment of his life. And why wouldn’t he be? He has gone from being one of nine kids in a tough Boston neighborhood to a world-renowned entertainer. Add to that a healthy family, and suddenly, the fact that he’s “Sailing” down the highway jamming out in sheer gratitude makes a lot of sense.

And that’s not to say that others shouldn’t be grateful for what they have. But the “Blue Bloods” star has seas of adoring fans with a vested interest in his well-being. So when he posts a video like the one he did on Twitter recently, people pay attention.

The video Donnie Wahlberg posted finds him cruising down the highway behind the wheel of a car. And no drive would be complete without the appropriate tunes. In this case, the “Blue Bloods” star appears to be in a poppy, soft rock mood. And who better than Christopher Cross to set the vibe? There are only 13 seconds of video to work with, but it definitely sounds like Cross’s hit single “Sailing” is playing in the background.

Some of the internet sleuths on Twitter deduced that Wahlberg must be near his hometown in the suburbs of Chicago based on the presence of the Illinois-looking corn in the backdrop. Wherever he is, it’s clear that the “Blue Bloods” star is having a good time.

The ‘Blue Bloods’ Actor’s Fans Are Equally Thankful for Wahlberg Himself

From the beginning, the “Blue Bloods” star has been a man of the people. Since the time he first rose to fame with his long-established boy band, New Kids on the Block, he rarely ever fails to mention how grateful he is for the support of his “Blockhead” fans in his public appearances.

And his fans never hesitate to return the favor. Countless replies to the recent Twitter post prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

“I just am amazed by the Love you have for the Blockhead Family and “Our Love” for You is “So Real”! I’m so #Thankful for you and the Blockhead Family!” A dedicated fan replied.

“I love that song. And thank you @DonnieWahlberg for having such a kind and loving soul. For loving each and every one of us. #Thankful always and forever. Love you,” another fan outpoured.

Thankful for you too!!! Look forward to you tweets all the time! Such a sad time for me right now and seeing your tweets brightens everyday a little more! Thank you!” another added.

Based on the photo in the last tweet, Wahlberg is so thankful that he literally has it tattooed on his forearm. It’s safe to say that the “Blue Bloods” star’s fans are ready for New Kids on the Block to start touring in earnest again.