‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Sends Fans a Message of ‘Love’

by John Jamison

Donnie Wahlberg lives by a simple philosophy. The “Blue Bloods” star is all about love. He’s constantly reaffirming the mantra “spread love, and love will spread.” And he has absolutely no shortage of love in his life.

Wahlberg took to Twitter as his birthday wrapped up to restate the importance of love. He posted a video clip of him arriving at Fenway Park ahead of what was presumably his August 6 New Kids on the Block concert in Boston.

The video fits his love message perfectly. It shows the “Blue Bloods” star walking through the stadium to a small crowd of what sounds like very passionate ladies cheering him on. Upon seeing them, Donnie unmasks and puts his coffee down. He then pretends to pull back on a bow and lets the imaginary arrow fly toward them.

It was clearly a gesture of love, feigning Cupid’s arrow for his New Kids on the Block fans. It’s hard to overstate how much love Wahlberg consistently shows for his fans. In fact, he recently stated his purpose.

“I used to think it was my job to make sure you love me, then I realized it was my purpose to make sure you love yourself,” Wahlberg tweeted last week.

Kindness and Love are the ‘Blue Blood’ Star’s Biggest Motivators

The “Blue Bloods” star tweeted something with a similar message just yesterday. Instead of love, however, he was imploring people to be kind.

“Sometimes we assume someone’s a bad driver. When they’re actually an exceptional driver of a damaged vehicle with bad steering or worn-out brakes, or a busted transmission. Same with life. Be kind,” the tweet read.

Donnie Wahlberg is constantly writing messages like these on his social media. It’s part of the reason his fans appreciate him so much.

Fans Thank Donnie Wahlberg for His Unconditional Love

Most celebrities don’t spend half the time Donnie Wahlberg does thanking and interacting with his fans. That’s not to say they’re bad people for it. Many simply don’t feel compelled to be that way. But it wouldn’t be surprising in the least if the “Blue Bloods” star was just as loving had he not turned into a major celebrity.

Regardless, his fans recognize that he’s spreading all of this love by choice. And they praise him for it.

“Thank you for loving us. I hope you feel our love back. You are our captain, an amazing human being, and a gift to this world. hope you had a wonderful bday!” a fan replied to Wahlberg’s “love” tweet.

“Beautifully put us always. This is why you get so much love back because you get so much out. My mum used to say always treat others how you would like to be treated five years on without her I still think about beautiful words of wisdom that she left me with,” another added.