‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sami Gayle Shows Off Scenic Mountain Views in Incredible New Pics

by Megan Molseed

Sami Gayle is at it again! On a Sunday morning Instagram post, the “Blue Bloods” actress shares some gorgeous photos of a beautiful scene. The recent post shows the actress standing among some luscious green grass, a perfectly blue sky, some stunningly white and wispy clouds; and a breathtaking mountain view.

And, as always, these breathtaking photos make us wish that not only are we where the “Blue Bloods” actress is but they also make us wish that we could look as good as she does while we are there!

The actress didn’t include any comments about where she is on the August 29 post. But, wherever it is, it’s an absolutely breathtaking sight.

Of course, the “Blue Bloods” star herself is looking pretty stunning in the photos as well.

In the first pic featured on the Insta story, Sami Gayle stands on a luscious green lawn. And when we say green, we mean green. The grass is so bright and summery looking, it seems to jump right off the screen.

The stunning green of the grass is contrasted beautifully by the perfectly blue sky that can be seen just behind, and above, the “Blue Bloods” actress in the photo.

To say the scene is gorgeous would be an understatement. However, it is what can be seen off in the distance that is one of the most stunning features of the photos.

Along the landscape of the horizon is a gorgeous range of mountains. They are almost too blue to see as the light-colored peaks and valleys blend into the skyscape.

‘Blue Bloods’ Actress Is Stunning, As Always

Of course, a Sami Gayle Insta story isn’t complete without a few gorgeous pics of the actress herself.

And as always, Gayle doesn’t disappoint.

In the post, the “Blue Bloods” actress stands on the beautiful green grass, striking a pose in a colorful strapless sundress. With hues of greens, blues, a few yellows, and reds, the actress’s dress matches the scenery perfectly.

Gayle pairs the look with a cute little green purse, and a pair of open-toed wedge sandals.

Another photo Sami Gayle added to the Insta story is a gorgeous close-up of herself. Donning a serious look, with a slight hint of a smile, the actress shows her Insta followers why she is one of the most beautiful actresses on television.

The scene is bright and brilliant as the sun heightens the hues that surround the “Blue Bloods” star. So, of course, the actress has added a pair of killer aviator-style shades to her summery look. Sami Gayle then effortlessly tops the look off with a stunningly sleek, pulled-back up-do.