‘Blue Bloods’ Star Steve Schirripa Once Opened Up About His Pasta Sauce Business: ‘It’s My Mother’s Recipe’

by Katie Maloney

Long before landing his role on ‘Blue Bloods’, actor Steve Schirripa was just a little Italian boy growing up in New York and enjoying his mother’s pasta sauce.

Fans may remember Steve Schirripa for his breakout role on “The Sopranos.” During the show, Schirripa played Bobby Baccalieri, a made man who was very much unlike his mobster comrades. Baccalieri was a sweet and even-tempered family man who probably didn’t belong in the mob. After the show ended, Schirripa landed the role of Detective Anthony Abetemarco on “Blue Bloods”. Now, it’s fun to watch Schirripa play a character on the opposite side of the law from his role on “The Sopranos”. However, Schirripa is more than just an actor. He’s also a businessman.

In 2014 Schirripa launched a line of organic pasta sauces with the business name of Uncle Steve’s. During a promotion for the sauce, Schirripa assured all pasta-lovers that the sauce was “USDA certified organic, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, kosher and contain no added sugar. With no GMOs, no harmful pesticides, and nothing artificial.”

Did You Ever Try the ‘Blue Bloods’ Star’s Pasta Sauce?

Although the sauce business is no longer up and running, you can still reminisce about the “Blue Bloods” star’s former pasta sauce days via his brand’s Instagram page. During an interview in 2017, Schirripa talked about the inspiration behind the sauce.

“It’s my mother’s recipe. My mother passed away a few years ago,” said Schirripa. “It’s all organic, it’s gluten-free, it’s non-GMO. It’s my mother’s recipe but we made it healthier.”

The “Blue Bloods” star then hilariously added that normally, using a jarred sauce is considered sacrilege in the Italian community. However, he makes an exception for his sauce.

“And, I’ll tell you this, I’ve never tasted a jar sauce – because Italians, that’s sacrilegious – until we started making this one,” said Schirripa. “And if you threw out the bottles, you’d have no idea it was a jar sauce.”

Shirripa then listed the three types of sauces Uncle Steve’s offered.

“We have three kinds: tomatoes basil, marina, and arrabbiata which is spicy. And it’s really good stuff, I mean, who has time to cook,” said Schirripa. “And it’s good for you, it’s healthy, there’s no sugar added.”

The “Blue Bloods” star added that his wife hadn’t made pasta sauce in over two years because his brand is so delicious.

“My wife hasn’t cooked in two years, she hasn’t made sauce,” said Schirippa. “So, it’s really good and it’s doing well.”

Steve Schirripa talks about his pasta sauce business “Uncle Steve’s”

Hopefully the Sauce Will Make a Come Back

Although Steve Schirripa is probably far too busy filming “Blue Bloods” to run a pasta sauce business, we’re hoping Uncle Steve’s makes a comeback someday. We never got to try it but he definitely sold us on the product during that video interview. Who doesn’t love mom’s classic pasta sauce? And it’s healthy? Sign us up for the Uncle Steve’s pasta sauce reboot, Steve Schirripa!