‘Blue Bloods’ Star Will Estes Talks Eddie and Jamie’s Future

by Shelby Scott

After 12 seasons on CBS, our beloved “Blue Bloods” characters have faced much transformation and development since the show kicked off. Now, during an exclusive interview, Jamie Reagan actor Will Estes spoke specifically to his and his on-screen partner’s next steps regarding family and growth. The two characters, with actress Vanessa Ray playing Eddie, appear ready for children in their next steps.

Estes shared a lot of insight regarding his time spent on the “Blue Bloods” set. He specifically spoke to his time spent alongside iconic actors like Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg. However, while we love getting the behind-the-scenes scoop concerning the show’s actors, we’re even more excited to hear Estes’s thoughts regarding his character’s having children.

During an interview with Looper, Estes was asked whether or not Eddie and Jamie are ready for children. “Yeah, I think Jamie could do it,” the actor said. I definitely think Eddie could do it.”

However, he did point out the hardships of parenting full-time while also working full-time in law enforcement. Although, parents working in any field struggle to balance both realms in the first place. Of the subject, Estes said, “The trick would be, like a lot of people find these days if everybody’s working, who’s watching the kids?”

Estes further highlighted some of the struggles both parents in reality experience every day. “You can obviously hire people and get help,” the actor said, “…but depending on your hours, that can be an intense situation.”

Nevertheless, despite the hardship, again as most parents do, Jamie’s actor said the characters are absolutely ready. Although, “I haven’t thought too much more about it,” he admitted.

Will Estes Sheds Light On ‘Blue Bloods’ Family Dinners

Within the narrative of “Blue Bloods,” Jamie and Eddie potentially consider having children. Meanwhile, Will Estes shed further light on “family” matters during the same interview.

“Blue Bloods” fans look forward to the weekly Reagan dinners that take place on CBS each week. And while so many scenes revolve around that particular table, Estes revealed that, unfortunately, the “Blue Bloods” cast doesn’t often have time to share their own family dinners as themselves.

“We don’t really have time,” he revealed to Looper. With so many hours each day spent filming together, we’re sure our cast members require a break anyway. Further, like all friends and family do, the actor said, “Everyone sort of has a different schedule.” After all, many of our cast members have their own real life families to get back to when they have the opportunity.

Nevertheless, Estes did reveal the cast has sat down for a “family dinner” a handful of times that he can remember. That is, he joked, unless they’re having large sit-down dinners when he himself is not around. Fortunately, it appears that’s not likely. Besides, where would “Blue Bloods” be without Jamie?