‘Blue Bloods’: Vanessa Ray Believes Key to Eddie and Jamie’s Relationship is They ‘Challenge Each Other’

by Megan Molseed

When Vanessa Ray joined the “Blue Bloods” cast as New York City Police officer Eddie Janko in season four, her character found instant chemistry with her partner, Jamie Reagan (Will Estes). It wasn’t long before the new partners found themselves bonding on the job. The two became fast friends.

Over time, however, Eddie and Jamie’s partnership grew. The young officers found themselves first in a dear friend, and then later a relationship as two officers soon realized their friendship ran a bit deeper. Of course, “Blue Bloods” fans were all for this relationship as it evolved. And, in season nine, Eddie Janko and Jamie Reagan finally tied the knot.

While the couple has long been a “Blue Bloods” fan favorite, it isn’t always the connection the two share that drives the relationship. Sometimes, it’s their differences.

“What I like is that Eddie and Jamie are from different worlds and they have always seen things very differently,” Vanessa Ray said of the relationship between Eddie and Jamie. “They’re not afraid to challenge each other.”

“Blue Bloods” Couple Expects the Best From Each Other

The actress added that the duo often expects the best from each other. This drives each partner to push the other out of their own comfort zones when they may need it. Sometimes this leads to arguments, but ultimately, it also leads to growth within the relationship.

“They kind of push each other’s buttons and they force each other to see things differently,” Ray said of the couple. For Vanessa Ray, this means the couple’s regular arguments on “Blue Bloods” are actually beneficial for the duo.

“While they argue or disagree a lot, I hope that the audience sees it as love and respect that they have for one another,” said Ray added.

Jamie Reagan is the son of New York City Police Commissioner, Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck. Each member of the Reagan family from Jamie’s grandfather, his father, and his siblings have all found a position in the law enforcement field. Jamie’s brother, Joe Reagan served as a New York City officer when was murdered before the show’s events began in the 2010 “Blue Bloods” series premiere.

Jamie’s oldest brother, Danny Reagan, who is portrayed by Donnie Wahlberg, serves as a New York City Police Detective.

The only sister of the group, Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) serves as the New York City Assistant District Attorney.

While Jamie proudly serves the New York Police department on “Blue Bloods,” he briefly stepped away from the tradition that the Reagan boys find a position with a badge when he made the decision to attend Harvard Law School.

However, it wasn’t long before Jamie returned to his “Blue Bloods” roots taking a position as first an officer, and later a New York City Police Department Sargeant.