‘Blue Bloods’ Star Vanessa Ray Broke Down Her Journey to Acting Success

by Keeli Parkey

Actress Vanessa Ray has been an important character in “Blue Bloods” for many seasons. As fans are aware, the now 40-year-old actress plays New York City Police Department officer Eddie Janko in the hit CBS drama. Eddie is also the wife of Jamie Reagan (Will Estes). Jamie is one member of the cop family that is at the center of the long-running series.

Before she joined the cast of “Blue Bloods,” Ray had success as an actress in other television series. These included “Pretty Little Liars,” “Suits,” “Damages,” and “as the World Turns.”

According to what Vanessa Ray told WNY Papers during an interview in September 2014, it was a move from one famous American city to another that put her on the path to television stardom.

“My career kind of started, actually, in New York, randomly. I sort of couldn’t really get arrested in L.A. No one was really interested in me in L.A. When I moved here, I searched out an agent and a lot of things kind of opened up for me in a really cool way,” the “Blue Bloods” actress also said.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Vanessa Ray Said She Wanted ‘To Prove’ That She Could Have Success in Los Angeles

While she had success in New York City, she decided that making a name for herself on the West Coast was also important to her. So, Ray decided to move back to Los Angeles, California.

“And then, just, I think, because I loved California things, probably … I decided to move back to L.A. to prove to myself that I could actually work in L.A.,” Ray also said.

Her move to Los Angeles proved to be a great decision for the future “Blue Bloods” star. It was after that move that she landed a role that helped to jumpstart her acting career.

“Things were going great in New York – I had no reason to leave! I decided to go back to L.A. I got ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ and that was pretty good and felt pretty nice,” Vanessa Ray also explained.

Most of us are aware that life is very funny and unexpected. Life being what it is, after Ray moved back to Los Angeles and found success there her career started calling her back to New York City. Of course, a major factor in that call was the role of Eddie Janko in “Blue Bloods.”

“And then, of course, as fate would have it, pretty much as soon as I moved there, I started getting jobs back here, and got to come back for ‘Blue Bloods,’” she recalled.

The actress isn’t upset about how things turned out for her – not at all. “It all kind of was, like, sort of crazy, but it was definitely meant to be, I think,” Vanessa Ray also said.