‘Blue Bloods’: When Was the Last Time Sami Gayle Appeared as Nicky Reagan?

by Jennifer Shea

Where’s Nicky? That’s what many fans have been wondering since Blue Bloods star Sami Gayle vanished from the show.

Gayle’s character, Nicky Reagan-Boyle, took a job in San Francisco and disappeared from the Reagan family dinner table for awhile. But that doesn’t mean she can’t come back.

Gayle has appeared in over 200 episodes of Blue Bloods since she joined the show in 2010, per IMDb. Her last appearance was in the 2020 episode “Atonement.”  

Yet Gayle is still listed on Blue Bloods press releases as part of the regular cast. Is the door open to her return at some point in the future? Looks like it.

Gayle Was Juggling Blue Bloods, College, Netflix Film

Gayle is a busy woman who describes herself as a Type-A personality. She managed to do both Blue Bloods and the Netflix film Candy Jar, which filmed in Atlanta, while still attending college in New York.

It wasn’t easy, Gayle told the Hollywood Life podcast in 2018. But she learned a lot from the experience.

“It taught me something,” she said. “Because I am one of those Type-A people who will sit in the library all day long, slaving over a paper. I learned to remember what’s important in life, and that doesn’t just mean getting an A+ on everything you do. It means concentrating on other aspects of your life that fulfill you creatively, emotionally, etc. That’s what I did that semester. It turns out, if you do that, it pays off in the other fields as well.”

Of course, there’s only so much multitasking a girl can do. And that schedule had Gayle sometimes falling asleep in random places – not always the best strategy. But the actress was determined to squeeze in eight hours of sleep somehow.

“I would sleep anywhere, whenever I could, and I made sure I got eight hours,” she added. “It was divided throughout the day, [but] I always had eight hours of sleep.”

Even so, that may have been a bit too much for the wildly driven actress to manage long-term. So she took a break from Blue Bloods and Nicky was shipped off to San Francisco. There have been a few false alarms about her return since then, but none panned out. Still, Blue Bloods fans are ever hopeful. And who knows? Maybe Nicky will make it back from San Francisco at some point in the not-too-distant future.