‘Blue Bloods’: Why Erin Actress Bridget Moynahan is ‘Sometimes’ Jealous of her Co-Star’s Characters

by Clayton Edwards

Blue Bloods follows the Reagans, a family of law enforcement officials in New York City. While the series focuses mainly on police work, not all of the Reagan clan carry a badge. Erin, the only daughter in the family, is an assistant district attorney. So, she works alongside her family in a way. However, she usually doesn’t get out in the field and collar the crooks. The actress who portrays her, Bridget Moynahan, gets a little jealous of her co-star’s characters from time to time.

Bridget Moynahan talked about this and more in an interview with Popculture back in December of 2020.

Near the beginning of the interview, Popculture‘s wanted to know if Moynahan was ever jealous of her on-screen family.

“Erin is so set apart from the family since she’s not a police officer,” the interviewer began. Then, he asked the big question, “Are you ever jealous that you don’t get to get into some of the action scenes that Will and Danny get to do?”

Bridget Moynahan said, “Well, sometimes I do.” Then, she pointed out that she isn’t always left out of the action. Moynahan said she had a couple of scenes where she was “with a gun,” or taking people down. However, she doesn’t get too jealous about her lack of action scenes.

“Frankly,” Bridget Moynahan said, “a lot of that stuff happens at night.” Moynahan went on to say that she is better early in the morning. She explained that she gets “punch drunk,” by about 4 pm. To sum it up, she said that she’s not good at working at night. So, it is better for her to work in the courtroom and not on the street like the rest of the Reagan family.

Bridget Moynahan Has Seen Her Fair Share of Action

Currently, most people know Bridget Moynahan for her role in Blue Bloods. In that role, she doesn’t see much action. However, she was in several films and television shows before becoming a member of the Reagan family. In some of those roles, she saw plenty of action.

For instance, Bridget Moynahan was the female lead in Prey (2017). In that film, she plays Amy Newman. She and her family go to Africa for a vacation. During a short safari drive, she, her children, and their guide are attacked by a group of starving lions. She and the survivors of the attack find themselves trapped in the jeep waiting on someone to come and save them.

If hungry man-eating lions aren’t enough, how about aliens bent on world domination? That’s what Bridget Moynahan faced in the 2011 film Battle Los Angeles. In that film, Moynahan plays Michele, a veterinarian who has to help a special team of Marines dissect a dead alien. As they’re cracking the being’s suit open, their location is stormed by extraterrestrial reinforcements.

So, Bridget Moynahan may not see much action on Blue Bloods but her previous roles had more than enough action to go around.