‘Blue Bloods’: Will a New Reagan Family Secret Come to Light?

by Jennifer Shea

In the synopsis for the newest episode of Blue Bloods, “Firewall,” we learn that Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) will be grappling with a family secret in the last new episode of 2021.

What family secret could that be? Does it involve Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), and maybe Pops (Len Cariou), as well? Blue Bloods fans will find out next week, after which point they’ll have to wait until 2022 to catch more new episodes of the hit CBS procedural, per Matt Carter.

Blue Bloods has dealt with family secrets before. In fact, in last year’s season finale – titled, appropriately enough, “Family Secrets” – the Reagans learned that Frank’s late son Joe had a son he didn’t know about. It turned out his son had also joined the force. And that son, Joe Hill (Will Hochman), was working a dangerous assignment that threatened to end his life the same way his father’s did.

After Revealing a Family Secret, Blue Bloods Nearly Killed Off Joe Hill

In the Season 11 finale, Blue Bloods brought back Joe Hill only to nearly kill him off again. The suspense was running high, before the cameras and behind them. Because as they prepared to shoot the two-hour season finale, they didn’t know if it would also be the series finale.

In the end, CBS renewed Blue Bloods for Season 12, and Joe Hill lived. But in an interview with Deadline, executive producer Kevin Wade said Hill’s future on the show remains unclear.

“This has all been done by calling audibles,” Wade said of Hill’s introduction to the show. “You know, we were supposed to run that out last season. And then we only aired 19 because we shut down, obviously because of Covid. So we regrouped, brought him back in the beginning of this season. It was funny to start a season with this new character and then to sort of let it go away. So I thought pretty quickly well, we’ve got to bring him back at the end of the season and then I don’t know where we go from here.”

Wade added that it’s not only the plotlines but also the actor availability that determines if Blue Bloods fans will see Joe Hill again. But all signs currently point to yes.

“Will’s a very good young actor in demand and you know, there’s a lot of moving parts. But, we’d love to have him back, so that’s the plan,” Wade said.