‘Blue Bloods’ Wishes Star Donnie Wahlberg a Happy Birthday

by Anna Dunn

The official Blue Bloods Twitter account just wished its star, Donnie Wahlberg, a happy birthday.

“Join us in withing @donniewahlberg a very happy birthday!” The account tweeted. Wahlberg, who formed New Kids on the Block and now plays Danny Reagan on Blue Bloods, just turned 52.

Currently, Wahlberg is balancing his schedule between filming for Blue Bloods and performing with New Kids on the Block. Yet he’s still found time to inspire his fans and give back. The Boston-born actor, producer, and musician has been widely celebrated for his impressive career.

Now, he has another year of creative work ahead of him.

Donnie Wahlberg to Star in ‘Blue Bloods’ Season 12 Alongside Tom Selleck

Donnie Wahlberg and Tom Selleck are the true stars of Blue Bloods, and the two have formed a bond over the years. Now, they’re tackling season 12. However, there was a scary point when the cast and crew thought the series wouldn’t get renewed this year. Thankfully, Wahlberg and the rest of the cast are now shooting even more family dinners.

While Wahlberg is primarily an actor on the show, he does his best to bring his character to life. He wants to make the scenes better. He’s also had his hand in directing before, which he admitted was quite intimidating at first.

“In my music career, how do I get control of 15,000 screaming people in an arena and get them to follow along where I want to take them during a song or a moment or an entire concert? I think that’s what I do in ‘Blue Bloods,’ but in a different way,” he told CBS Watch in 2019.

Wahlberg is a Big Proponent of Kindness

When Wahlberg isn’t working or spending time with family, it seems that he likes to spend his time spreading good vibes and promoting kindness. For instance, he wrote a moving analogy for a recent post on Twitter.

“Sometimes we assume someone’s a bad driver. When they’re actually an exceptional driver of a damaged vehicle with bad steering or worn-out brakes, or a busted transmission,” he wrote. “Same with life. Be kind.”

But Wahlberg isn’t just talk. The Blue Bloods star recently gave back to a child who got merch stolen while at his concert, telling him in a video message that he and the band sent him a basket full of goodies, and he’d love to meet him the next time he’s in Boston.

Wahlberg is still performing with New Kids on the Block, and if you’re excited for the newest season of Blue Bloods, you don’t have much longer to wait. Blue Bloods season 12 premieres on Friday, October 1st on CBS and will feature Wahlberg, Tom Selleck, Bridget Moynahan, Will Estes, and more fan-favorite actors.