Bob Dylan Dusts Off Song He Hasn’t Played in Nearly a Decade

by Jonathan Howard

When you go to a Bob Dylan show, there is no telling what setlist he might play. In Cleveland, OH, fans were treated to a rare song. For the first time since 2013, Dylan played Every Grain of Sand live on November 5.

While this isn’t one of the songs that a lot of casual fans select for easy listening, it is one of his best ever. The fact that he hasn’t performed the song live since 2013 is shocking. It is a song reflecting on Dylan’s born-again faith, religiosity, and belief from the late 70s. Listen for yourself to the 2021 live performance below.

Written by Dylan in 1980, the song was recorded twice. Once, in 1980, but the version everyone knows now was recorded in May 1981. It was part of the singer-songwriters’ gospel music period. From the Shot of Love album, this song has been lauded as a work of art. There are references to seven Biblical verses in the song along with powerful metaphors only Dylan can produce.

In the time of my confession, in the hour of my deepest need/When the pool of tears beneath my feet flood every newborn seed/There’s a dying voice within me reaching out somewhere/Toiling in the danger and in the morals of despair.”

What a treat for fans that saw The Voice of a Generation perform this special song. It is the last track from that Shot of Love album and the most popular. Among his Christian-Gospel songs, this is probably the best and most loved. If you have the chance to score some Bob Dylan tickets, do it. While his voice is raspier than in 1981, the power of the lyrics and his presence alone makes him a must-see to this day.

Bob Dylan Whiskey ‘Heaven’s Door’ Making Two Fall Drops

There is more to Bob Dylan than just music. The artist also has his own brand of whiskey. Now, fans are going to be able to enjoy two limited releases this fall to enjoy. Picture this: A nice warm fire on a cool November night, Blowin’ in the Wind is playing softly, and you are sipping a glass of Heaven’s Door.

Well, that scenario can come true. Fans of The Bard and whiskey, in general, are going to be able to grab a special batch. The bottle is unique and decorated with Dylan’s iron gate sculptures. The Cask Strength Single Barrel 2021 is a 124 proof whiskey that will pair with any Dylan classic. Meanwhile, and Dylan got together for the Cask Strength Single Barrel Limited Edition Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Get a bottle of Heaven’s Door and put on some Bob Dylan. Perhaps Every Grain of Sand?