Bob Dylan’s ‘Heaven’s Door’ Bourbon: Story of the Music Icon’s Unique Taste in Nashville

by Madison Miller

Bob Dylan has his very own collection of American whiskeys. They are just as unique and tasteful as Dylan is.

According to Cision PR Newswire, in October 2020, Heaven’s Door Spirits announced the release of the Bootleg Series Vol II.

This new line of his whiskey would be based on his retrospective album collection, Bootleg Tapes. There were only 3,000 bottles for $499.99. The bottles immediately sold out upon release. The whiskey earned The Chairman’s Trophy and the title of Top 100 Spirits at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2020.

The unique bottle features Bob Dylan’s artwork. It is one of his paintings, “Sunset, Monument Valley.” It is a 15-year-old Straight Bourbon that was finished in 30-year-old Jamaican Pot Still Rum Casks.

By combining his art with elements drawn from his music, the whiskey is a good representation of Dylan as a Renaissance person.

“He is that rare person who can move effortlessly between music, word, ink, paint… he reflects life back to us with a truth and simplicity that defy words,” The New York Times critic Marisha Pessl wrote.

The Heaven’s Door whiskey collection includes Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Double Barrel Whiskey, and Straight Rye Whiskey. Purchase whiskeys from the Bob Dylan and Heaven’s Door Spirits here.

How Does it Represent Music Legend Bob Dylan?

Dylan created the whiskey line under the name Heaven’s Door Spirits. This is named after Dylan’s global hit from the 1973 film, “Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid.” Also, each bottle has his signature iron gate artwork.

The other bottles from the collection are $50 to $80. Although a steep price, many liquor reviewers claim they are well worth the price.

Celebrity alcohol brands are quite popular now. The goal is to place their image or name on a bottle and get more buyers. However, with Dylan’s brand, it is also a picture of his taste.

Bob Dylan would give very specific feedback when tasting samples. It was clear he knew what he was talking about when it came to whiskey.

“A lot of it was off the cuff, live feedback as he was tasting. So, it was very unfiltered: ‘Here’s what I taste specifically, here’s what I then would like to see differently. This is a little bitter,’ or ‘this is doesn’t have enough toast,’ or ‘this is too woody.’ We heard ‘this is a little too hot’ a couple times, which I took as too much alcohol content,” Ryan Perry of Heaven’s Door Spirits said, according to The Bourbon Review.

Rolling Stone Blended Whiskey

Rolling Stone was enamoured by the whiskey brand that was teaming up with iconic singer/songwriter Bob Dylan.

The publication met with Perry to create the blended whiskey that would represent the legacy that the magazine has left for decades. The tasting had stemmed from Bob Dylan’s long-standing history with the publication.

According to an article from Rolling Stone, the goal was to select a bourbon that would combine the brand of Rolling Stone with Bob Dylan. It would mean picking a bourbon as the base then adding spicy rye to add uniqueness.

There were two blends. One that represented Rolling Stone in 1973 versus 1989. The group decided that the ’73 mixture had the best marriage of Rolling Stone, Bob Dylan, and Heaven’s Door Spirits.

“I would go with ’73. I’m starting to come around more, and just flavor wise I think you’re getting more out of it. You’re tasting the bourbon a little bit more … getting the spice but it’s muted to the point where it’s not overwhelming. You’re getting the second rye coming in really beautifully. … It feels like they’re really, for lack of a better term, having a great conversation between the three of them,” Senior Editor for Rolling Stone, David Fear said.