‘Bosch’ Fans Debate What the Upcoming Spin-Off Should Be Titled

by John Jamison

Fans of the hit Amazon original “Bosch” were saddened to see the show go after seven seasons. They, plus the source text’s writer, Michael Connelly, felt that there was more to explore in the world of the LAPD homicide detective. Apparently, IMDBtv agreed. And they are currently in the process of producing a follow-up show based on another of Connelly’s books. But there has yet to be an official title announcement. It has fans wondering what the spin-off is going to be called.

From 2014 to 2021, actor Titus Welliver portrayed the tenacious investigator Hieronymous Bosch in all 68 of the show’s episodes. The series was based on several books in the Harry Bosch series written by Michael Connelly. With over 20 books written since 1992, Connelly and the showrunners have plenty of material to choose from.

According to Welliver, however, the IMDBtv show isn’t a “spin-off” as much as a continuation. After all, the new show will continue to follow Harry as he moves along in his career, as reported by Deadline in March. This will reportedly play a major factor in the eventual title of the show, as it will still be Bosch-centric. However, it also seeks to focus on the development of a few other characters.

Fans Weigh In

Armed with this information, fans took to the internet and discussed what the forthcoming title might be. The options tossed out on Reddit include things like “Bosch: The Next Generation.” A shameless nod to the follow-up “Star Trek” series by the same name.

Others include the comical “Have Jeep, Will Investigate” and “Bosch 2: Electric Bugaloo.” One of the more serious candidates fans seemed to like was “Bosch: PI,” reflecting Harry’s retirement from the police. “Harry Bosch” was another favorite. And one poster even claimed that he was surveyed by Amazon about titles including “Bosch: Retribution,” “Legacy,” and “Vengeance.”

What Do We Know for Sure About the Upcoming ‘Bosch’ Show’s Title?

Eager fan opinions aside, IMDBtv may not put the name “Bosch” in the title of the spin-off at all. While it provides them tons of name recognition, it doesn’t accurately reflect the subject matter of the series. At least, according to Michael Connelly, it doesn’t.

“If you call it just Bosch or just ‘Bosch PI,’ (the creators) hesitate because [while] it’s a great thing to bring over the audience — it’s very recognizable. ‘Bosch PI’ — it does not serve the other things we’re doing with Maddie Bosch and Money Chandler. We’re really building up these two other characters,” writer Michael Connelly told Newsweek recently.

So they’re going to have to find a balance between retaining the support of the original show’s audience while conveying the different focus of the story itself. Whatever they decide, there should be a title announced at some point soon.