‘Bosch’: Michael Connelly Reveals On-Set Video of ‘First Shot’ of IMDBtv Spin-Off

by Jonathan Howard

Detective Harry Bosch is back in business.

The Bosch series author, Michael Connelly, shared a video from the set. The sneak peek showed a usual image, but from behind the camera. Detective Bosch looked to be walking down the street, looking tough and thoughtful. Perhaps he is in pursuit of a suspect, whatever it is, it looks dramatic.

For fans of the Amazon Prime series, the end of the series back in June was bitter news. However, IMDBtv quickly announced they would have a spin-off series that would explore Bosch a bit more. The former Marine turned LAPD detective will be back in your homes soon enough. Even the actors thought that the series was to end with the conclusion of season 7.

When the new series was announced it came as a relief. Although Connelly and others had come to a bit of closure with the series, the cast seems excited to get things going. The spin-off series will be at least one season. The season is scheduled to have 10 episodes in total so fans are promised at least that many. The episodes will also reportedly come out weekly.

There is a bit of mystery around the new series. A name has not been announced and no release date yet. That means that fans will have to wait for further news to come out to confirm those details. Titus Welliver will be back to play as Harry Bosch.

Michael Connelly Shares Video of ‘Bosch’ Spin-Off Filming

The video that Michael Connelly shared gives a little look into the process. The caption says “New show, same DNA,” alluding to perhaps the writing and directing style of the show. The less they do to the new show, the better. Fans are expecting the same gritty Los Angeles crime series they are used to. Thankfully, they have Connelly’s books to base the content off of, like they always have.

The book the show is basing the majority of the season on is what Connelly calls a “homage” to the old-school P.I. novels. That would likely intrigue and entertain fans. The process seems to be staying the same so if you enjoyed the Amazon Prime series, this new one will likely be enjoyable as well.

Connelly isn’t wrong about the DNA staying the same. Executive Producer, Zetna Fuentes recently announced a return to the production team. A lot of the cast is going to be returning, and Welliver and his fellow cast members are excited to continue the series. Even with the end of season 7 on Amazon Prime, there is more to explore with Harry Bosch.

Without a title or a release date, there is much to be learned about the new series. IMDBtv might be able to bring over a sizeable crowd with the new spin-off series. So far, the streaming service already has quite a selection of movies and shows that aren’t available elsewhere. Since 2019 IMDBtv has given a different option to consumers. Perhaps other spin-offs can be done for other beloved series.