Brad Paisley to Jay Cutler: Celebrities Show off Their Best Elf on the Shelf Setups

by Kayla Zadel

The Elf on the Shelf seems like it’s just one more thing parents have to do around the holidays. Aside from Christmas shopping, present wrapping, holiday meal prepping, cooking baking, (you get the idea), now adults with children have to move this elf around.

Oh and get this, the pressure is on because this little guy has created a “keeping up with the Jones” type of competition on social media. There are Pinterest boards, Instagram pages, and Facebook profiles set up all in the honor of this little Santa helper. The Elf of the Shelf not only visits various places in the home, no. He also gets into “mischief” as parents feel the pressure to stage the elf in different setups.

Brad Paisley Shows Off with Elf on the Shelf Scenes

From fictional characters, like Iron Man and Luke Skywalker, to real life ones, Brad Paisley is having too much fun with his Elf of the Shelf.

In this video on Instagram, he goes all out staging his Elves as bow hunters. Toothpicks pepper every single thing in his house that resembles a reindeer.

In more recent posts, Paisley’s Elves portray Iron Man, or should we say “Iron Elf” and “Thor Elf.”

And of course we didn’t forget about the Star Wars scene. “May the Christmas force be with you,” he captions the video.

Paisley is clearly dedicated to his social media posts, because they’re all soundtracked with theme songs that fit each setup perfectly.

Jessie James Decker Joins in on the Fun

Wife of former football player Eric Decker is having a bit of problem with her elf.

“The kids woke up to Elfie this morning not in the place she was last seen before and not in a new fun spot either,” the Jessie James captions the photos. “She was face down on the ground. They are really taking this seriously. If they touch Elfie, they know she’s going to report it to Santa Claus.”

Decker’s daughter, Vivianne, felt compelled to write a note to the elf, reading, “I am so sorry Elfie … that my dog does not know beter [sic]. It was my dog or my bruther [sic].”

Jodie Sweetin Doesn’t Do Elf Setups Anymore

The “Fuller House” alum took to her Instagram page to show what her daughters are up to.

“My girls are old enough now that our elf Lulu Sarah doesn’t fly back to file reports with Santa anymore. So, the girls have taken to moving her around on their own,” Sweetin captioned the photo of her family’s elf smiling from the inside of a blender. “This is what I woke up to. A potential Elf Massacre.”

Drew Brees’ Boys Bling Out Elf on the Shelf

New Orleans Saints quarterback posted a photo of his plush toy, and you can clearly see that his kids dressed up the elf with some necklaces.

My boys thought Elf on the Shelf would look better with some chains,” Brees captions the photo.

Jay Cutler: A Creative Cut Above the Rest

This former NFL quarterback is going all out when it comes to setting up his Elf on the Shelf for his three kids that he shares with reality TV star Kristen Cavallari.

On his cleverly named Instagram account, “If Jay Had an Instagram,” Cutler shares some of the mischief his elves have gotten into.

“Not my best effort but they all can’t be 10s. Solid 7.5,” he writes in the caption. We don’t know about you, but this is pretty darn creative for Cutler.

Maybe Cutler’s bored, or just has more time on his hands to think of these creative setups for his elves.

“Big Uno kick these days…,” Cutler captions this one.

It looks like Cutler’s elves have tapped into the sugar.

“Main food groups,” the caption reads.

Maybe the elves were on a sugar high, but they teepeed Cutler’s house.

“Damn elves,” he simply writes. We guess it’s not too bad if you’re the one actually making the mess you’re going to have to clean up.

All in all, celebrities, they’re just like us when it comes to holiday gimmicks, including the Elf on the Shelf.