‘The Brady Bunch’: Christopher Knight Explained How the Show Was ‘Timeless,’ But Not Cool

by Matthew Wilson

“The Brady Bunch” star Christopher Knight said there was a difference between something being cool and something feeling timeless. And he knew exactly what category the show fell under.

For Knight, “The Brady Bunch” didn’t embody the cool factor. None of the characters wore a leather jacket or rode on a motorcycle like the Fonz on “Happy Days” for instance. Truthfully, families are rarely considered cool like that. And “The Brady Bunch” was a story of two families blending together and learning to live together under one roof.

“The Bradys weren’t cool,” Knight told Pop Entertainment in 2008. “If there was any cool factor to them, they would have disappeared after they left the airwaves. It’s because what we were doing was timeless. But at that period of time, it wasn’t appreciated as much. It’s appreciated more so now and all the more as it continues to live and breathe in perpetuity. It’s one of the things I’m quite grateful for.”

‘The Brady Bunch’ Was Timeless

Knight believed that over the years audience began to appreciate “The Brady Bunch” more than they did initially. The show definitely joined the halls of other television classics of the time like “The Waltons” and “Little House on the Prairie” as well. But what made the show timeless, according to Knight, was its wholesome values.

“The Brady Bunch” provided a bit of escapism in a country that was going through radical changes both at home and abroad. The Vietnam War caused countless protests in the country at the time as Americans took different sides on whether they believed in the conflict. Meanwhile, people lost faith in their leaders after the President Richard Nixon Watergate scandal.

“It was a family fairy-tale show, the last of the genre, in the midst of the conflict in Vietnam, and right through the whole Nixon/Watergate scandal,” Knight said. “This country was just about falling apart. We’re nowhere near as bad today as we were then. And we were produced during that period of time. A lot of people thought we were anathema to anything artistic because we were such a throwback.”

Knight said he believed that they don’t make shows like “The Brady Bunch” anymore. And in a way, he’s right. “The Brady Bunch” captured a certain period of time and certain sensibilities that are hard to replicate. It’s one of the reasons why the show’s various spinoffs and sequels struggled to capture the same magic as the original.