‘The Brady Bunch’: Here’s Why Robert Reed Didn’t Appear in the Series Finale

by Emily Morgan

“The Brady Bunch” remains as one of the world’s most iconic shows that followed the lives of a blended family. “The Brady Bunch” starred Robert Reed and Florence Henderson as newlyweds Mike and Carol Brady. The show centered around the happy couple raising their six children. 

While the Brady children saw Reed as a father figure, the actor endured numerous struggles during his time on the show. 

Reed would frequently argue with the show’s producers about the script, and his argumentative side went a bit too far during the series finale. 

Reed also had arguments with the show’s producers over storylines, especially the visual gags that were written into each episode. 

According to Sherwood Schwartz, Reed, who came from a Shakespearean background, preferred a more serious approach to the episodes.

However, Schwartz considered Reed to be “a good actor,” but also felt he “wound up on a show that he didn’t want to do in the first place, and it became more and more difficult for him.”

Robert Reed’s Frustration Culminates In Series Finale

Reed’s dissatisfaction with the scripts would continue to be a problem throughout the entire series. Things came to a head when the writers cut his character out of the last episode.

The storyline for the final episode dealt with Greg’s high school graduation and a prank that left his hair orange.

Reed considered the storyline to be amiss and reportedly demanded the writers rewrite the script or he wouldn’t appear. 

However, the producers called his bluff, leaving his lines to be divided between Carol and Alice. As a result, Reed never appeared in the series finale. 

Even though he was cut out of the episode, Reed remained on set while they filmed. When Schwartz asked Reed why he was lingering even though he wasn’t in the show anymore, Reed staked his claim. 

“Bob said, ‘The Brady Bunch’ is my show, and I’m interested in what goes on in my show,'” Sherwood recalled.

“We didn’t know it at the time, but this would be the last episode that ‘The Brady Bunch’ ever filmed, and Mike Brady wasn’t in it,” Schwartz wrote. “Not only was his heart not in it, he wasn’t either. People have spoken to me about the episode, and no one has ever mentioned that they didn’t realize Robert Reed wasn’t in it.”