‘The Brady Bunch’: How the Famous Jumping Frog Scene Was Filmed

by Matthew Wilson

“The Brady Bunch” featured the world’s worst date, involving a jumping frog landing on Greg Brady’s date. But behind the scenes was even more of a challenge.

The episode “Greg Gets Grounded” featured Greg trying to make it to his date with Rachel, played by series creator Sherwood Schwartz’s daughter Hope. “The Brady Bunch” character even managed to talk himself out of getting grounded for the night. But Greg’s plans hit a snag when his parents make him take his brothers to a frog jumping competition. After all, a promise is a promise.

But Greg is in such a rush during the episode that he leaves before his brothers can get the jumping frogs from the back seat. As a result, when Greg tries to get intimate with his date, a jumping frog ends up landing on Rachel’s face. Talk about a mood killer. But to make that frog jump, “The Brady Bunch” production had to go through trial and error. After all, frogs don’t often jump on command.

For one, the bullfrogs were noisy on the set. Production had to move the amphibians away from the actors. So the sound of the frogs croaking didn’t register on their microphones. One of the show’s animal wranglers brought the frogs to the set.

“This was the man you called when you need creepy, crawly things for movies,” producer Lloyd Schwartz said, according to MeTV. “I wonder if this is what he always had wanted to do when he grew up.”

‘The Brady Bunch’ Used a Water Gun

Because jumping frogs don’t jump when you want them to, “The Brady Bunch” production had to get creative. For instance, they put hot water in squirt guns and shot it at the frog. That made the amphibian jump on command.

But to get the frog to land on Greg’s date, “The Brady Bunch” production built a scaffolding in the car. One production member laid on the floorboard of the car and another was on the roof of the car. These unseen crew members helped create the desired effect. One crew member made sure the frog jumped and the other made sure it dropped on Greg’s date’s head.

After they finished filming the scene, Hope Schwartz went home and shampooed her hair at least six times. She was freaked out by the frog landing in her head. Her brother Lloyd confessed that she’s still had nightmares about the experience.

“My poor sister, Hope, has had recurring nightmares ever since she played in the memorable episode ‘Greg Gets Grounded,’ which found her at the drive-in movies with Barry Williams’ Greg,” Schwartz said.