Brett Eldredge, Kelly Clarkson Bond Over Their Love for Bing Crosby Christmas Music

by Katie Maloney

Brett Eldredge visits The Kelly Clarkson Show where the two bond over Bing Crosby and White Christmas.

While promoting his latest album, Sunday Drive, Eldredge stopped by The Kelly Clarkson Show. While there, the two discovered they both love Bing Crosby’s holiday music.

Clarskon says, “For me, I know it’s Christmas, when I hear Bing Crosby’s, ‘White Christmas.'”

Eldredge quickly agrees. “My dad had the cassette,” says Eldredge. “You open that glove compartment and there’s Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas.” I popped it in there as a little kid, listening to this old man singing his heart out. And I think that’s when I got my old soul,” continues Eldredge. “I’ve always had an old soul. That’s when I started loving Christmas and the magic of it. And Bing Crosby just did it for me.” he says.

Clarkson replies, “For me it was not only Bing Crosby but also Rosemary Clooney because they were both in White Christmas. I was obsessed.”

Eldredge agrees, “That’s one of my favorite movies.”

Brett Eldredge talks with Kelly Clarkson about Christmas music.

Brett Eldredge Went “Off The Grid” For His New Album

Before releasing Sunday Drive, Eldredge says he was meditating every morning. During one of his meditations, he thought about how he would want to spend his last day alive. He released how much time he was spending on trivial things. Eldredge says that he then decided to go “off the grid.”

“I was heavily on social media and just constantly on my phone,” says Eldredge. “I had to take a break and just take some time for myself. So, I got a flip phone. It really made me kind of focus on myself for a while. And figure out what I wanted to say and who I wanted to be,” he continues.

Eldredge says he even got a Polaroid camera. “I was taking photos with my camera, making every one count. Every picture wasn’t perfect. You know, with your phone you take 4,000 pictures and then you choose one. With Polaroid, you really have to make that moment count, says Eldredge.”

Brett Eldredge’s Sunday Drive album