Bruce Springsteen’s Daughter Jessica Reveals Her Parents’ Reaction to Her Making Olympic Team: ‘Such a Passion for Them’

by Jacklyn Krol

Bruce Springsteen‘s daughter Jessica Springsteen is going to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

If you didn’t know, the rocker’s daughter is a member of the USA’s equestrian team. She was previously on the team as an alternate at the 2012 London Games and did not qualify for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro games. She is currently ranked fourteenth in the world for the show jumping event. Her parents couldn’t be more proud, so how did Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa react to her big Olympic news?

“They were so excited,” she told TODAY‘s Hoda Kotb of her parents’ reaction. “They’ve supported me since I was little. This has been a huge dream of mine ever since I can remember and the sport has become such a passion for them as well. I feel like we’ve been on this journey together, so they were just so happy.”

Luckily, America has qualified for all three equestrian events in both the team and individual competitions. Jessica is one of four riders who are on the team, who have all won Olympic medals. McLain Ward has won two gold medals, Kent Farrington won a silver medal, and Laura Kraut has won gold as well. Similar to her parents, this is a dream come true for Jessica.

Equestrian isn’t just a one-person sport. Jessica’s horse is also part of the game. She will be competing with Don Juan van Donkhoeve, her 12-year-old stallion.

“We’ve been building our partnership over the last couple years, he’s everything I would want in a championship horse,” Springsteen said. “We have so much trust in our relationship and he is so powerful and he kind of does everything so effortlessly … I can really rely on him.”

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Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be no spectators for the games. It was originally slated to have Japanese citizens attend select events but was taken back after coronavirus cases surged. We’re sure Bruce Springsteen and her mother will be cheering her on from home.

The good news is that his current show, “Springsteen on Broadway,” will be on hiatus between July 17 through August 17. Jessica is set to compete between August 2 through 7.

Along with her stallion, reported that Jessica will also ride on RMF Zecilie, a 14-year-old Holsteiner mare.

Her supportive parents have aided Jessica in her passion for horseback riding. She grew up around the creatures and began riding at age 5. The family currently owns a 368-acre farm in Rumson, New Jersey. Her parents then bought her a pony at age 6.