A Bruce Willis’ Hit Film Is Making Waves on Netflix

by Maggie Schneider

The sci-fi film “Looper” is (time)-traveling up the Netflix movie charts after its arrival to the streaming platform December 1st.

Netflix drops older and newer releases for movie-watchers every season. Subscribers now have access to over 40 new titles, including the 2012 sci-film “Looper.” Starring Bruce Willis and Joseph-Gordon Levitt, the movie sits in the Top 5 of Netflix’s streaming charts.

So what is it about? “Looper” takes place in the future, where time travel is possible. The technology is not always used for good, however. The mob appropriates these technologies and use it to target and kill threats. “Loopers” are those who go back in time as hitmen and do these jobs cleanly. When Gordon-Levitt’s role as a looper meets with his older self (played by Bruce Willis), his mission changes. He must kill his older self, who carrying out a personal mission. It is a sci-fi film with elements of suspense.

Rian Johnson directs “Looper,” and is a world-renowned director. Following this 2012 release, he goes on to direct “Knives Out,” and “Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi.” The press praises his creative eye in reviews.

“‘Looper’ marks a huge leap forward for Rian Johnson,” Variety writes. “His grandly conceived, impressively mounted third feature shows a giddy, geeky interest in science-fiction, then forces it into the back seat and lets the multidimensional characters drive.”

Critics and movie-watchers love this movie. It sits with a 93% critics score and an 82% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. The film makes $176 million at the box office and earns rave reviews. Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter calls the film “an engaging, neatly worked-out time-travel sci-fi thriller.”

Bruce Willis’ Thoughts on “Looper”

Bruce Willis is also a huge fan of the film. Playing the older version of Joe, he claims it is the best project he has been a part of.

“It’s better than anything I’ve ever done,” Willis tells Esquire. “It’s a story people are going to talk about, and see twice. And argue about. I was arguing with myself about the story when I read it the first time. That’s all Rian Johnson, beginning to end. Great, great director.”

He goes on to commend Johnson for writing an original and compelling story.

“He wrote it, sold it, stuck with it, directed it, and finished it. That’s just tough to do in this town. Someone always weasels into the process. That didn’t happen here. And if he never did anything else except that Herculean effort, he’d have made it in the business. Amazing.”

Fans on Twitter agree with the actor. It seems like everyone is excited to see “Looper” on their Netflix pages.

netflix finally has looper. it’s one of my favorite movies,” @j_ennafrey tweets.

“it’s the best science fiction movie of the last decade,” @ValueStockGeek adds.

You heard them! Go stream the film on Netflix now.