Bruce Willis Squares Off Against ‘Yellowstone’ Star in New ‘Apex’ Movie Clip

by John Jamison

Malcolm Beck lives! Okay, Neal McDonough won’t be playing his Yellowstone character (as far as we know) in the upcoming Bruce Willis-led action movie Apex, but we Outsiders can dream. And much like the Duttons hunted the Beck brothers down at the end of Yellowstone Season 2, McDonough’s Rainsford attempts to do the same to Willis’ Malone in the movie based on “The Most Dangerous Game.”

That’s right. Yet another loose adaptation of the iconic short story following a man-turned-prey doing whatever it takes to evade his wealthy hunters.

This time ’round, Bruce Willis plays former police officer James Malone—a man serving a prison sentence for crimes he didn’t commit. When an opportunity to gain his freedom knocks, he accepts. The only catch is that he has to win a game of Apex, evading the threat of several hunters closing in on him. Of course, Bruce Willis’ character flips the script and quickly becomes a hunter himself.

In a clip ScreenRant shared from the upcoming movie, we get to watch as a hunter armed with an LMG that looks like it’s straight out of a warzone taunts Bruce Willis’ character into a fight. And when have you known Bruce Willis to back down from a fight?

Armed with little more than a hatchet, Willis’ Malone bests his foe in bloody fashion. And to quote the man himself, “Now I have a machine gun.” Okay, he never actually said those words in Die Hard, but he wrote them in blood, which is objectively more badass. 30 years later, Bruce Willis is still playing lead roles in action films.

Everything to Know About the Upcoming Bruce Willis Flick ‘Apex’

Don’t worry, Yellowstone fans, Neal McDonough’s Rainsford will inevitably engage in an epic climactic battle with Malone in Apex. By the look of things, McDonough’s character is in command of the hunting party.

At least, that’s what the official trailer seems to be telling us. Have a look for yourself below.

“Assign me a real challenge,” McDonough’s character says in the trailer. It’s clear that everyone involved is seriously underestimating the skillset of Bruce Willis’ Malone.

“Kid, I’m better than good. I’m bacon and eggs on Sunday morning,” Malone says. That sounds like a real challenge to us, but hey, we’re just along for the ride.

Apex was written by Corey Large, directed by Edward Drake, and is set to release on November 12. The trio of Bruce Willis, Large, and Drake previously collaborated on titles such as Cosmic Sin and Breach.