Burt Reynolds Reveals ‘Petrifying’ Moment While Filming ‘Smokey and The Bandit’

by Quentin Blount

Footage of the late actor, director, and producer Burt Reynolds recently surfaced of him describing a scary moment while filming Smokey and The Bandit.

In an interview with PowerNation, Reynolds recalls the most terrifying scene during the filming of Smokey and the Bandit. He remembers the scene where Sally Fields’ stunt double was behind the wheel and he was in the passenger seat.

“She was the sweetheart of one of the stunt guys,” Reynolds explains. “She was very capable. You could throw her off a building, do a fight, and stuff with her and she was very handy. But handling a car, that’s a whole other thing.”

Reynolds says that he was riding alongside Sally’s stunt double. They were supposed to jump over a wall, land in the little league baseball field, go around the game, and then through another wall.

However, that’s not exactly how things went down. Instead of going around the game, the stunt woman panicked and they ended up flying over all the kids in the field.

“She’s driving and she just panicked,” Reynolds says in the video. “I’ve never seen this happen before with stunt people.”

Take a look at the entire interview below:

Burt Reynolds Says Nobody Was Hurt During Scary Scene

Luckily, the scary moment ended with nobody hurt. Burt Reynolds says that all the kids ducked and they flew right over them. But as you can imagine, it could’ve ended quite differently and put Reynolds’ career, among many others, in jeopardy.

“I saw kids in front of the car disappear,” Reynolds says emotionally. “And I was waiting for that, ‘thump, thump, thump,’ but we went right over them.

To make matters worse, the Hollywood icon goes on to say that the entire grandstands were filled with the kids’ parents, families, and friends.

“Two of the mothers fainted. And I don’t blame them,” he admits.

Reynolds says that after the car came to a stop, he ran back to the field and spent the rest of the afternoon with parents.

“I was apologizing and we all went to dinner,” he says. “And those Georgia people, ya know, they said ‘well it all came out alright.’ And the kids, they said ‘can we do that again?’ The kids just loved it. ‘We ducked down and the car went right over us!'”

He knew that had something worse happened, it would have been the end of his career. Thankfully, everything ended up okay.

“We were just supposed to jump over and go around the game and go through the wall,” he explains. “We went right through the game. And it wasn’t supposed to be that way.”