Candace Cameron Bure Opens Up on ‘PTSD’ from Hosting ‘The View’

by Samantha Whidden

She was co-host of ABC’s The View from 2015 to 2016, and now Fuller House star Candace Cameron Bure is opening up about her experience on the daytime talk show. 

During a recent interview with People, Cameron Bure stated she developed PTSD after co-hosting on The View.

“The stress and the anxiety, I actually have a pit in my stomach right now.” 

Cameron Bure also stated that there was only one type of stress that she ever felt in her life and it came from The View. “And I [have] PTSD. Like, I can feel it. It was so difficult. And to manage that emotional stress was very, very hard.”

Cameron Bure then admitted that she felt “pressured” to represented conservatives while on The View and said the topics being discussed every day caused the challenges she experienced on the show. “[I was] just trying to understand and have a general grasp of topics that I didn’t want to talk about or didn’t care about.”

The Fuller House star further explains that The View’s schedule took a major toll on her body, which also affected her emotional health.

“When I felt like I was going into a show that I didn’t have a clear opinion about or it was something that I was legitimately nervous to talk about, I would just get sick to my stomach.”

The actress admitted that she often would end up crying before the show due to the stress. Despite the stress, she doesn’t have any regrets about the experience. “I feel like there were so many wonderful takeaways from the show,” the former The View co-host goes on to add. “And as difficult as that job was, I’m very, very grateful it.”

Would Candace Cameron Bure Come Back As a Permanent Host of ‘The View’?

Last month, Candace Camron Bure chatted with People about her experience on The View. “I felt like I was back in school, doing 4-5 hours of homework a night. It was exhausting,” she recalled. The Fuller House alum then said the travel between Los Angeles and New York also took a toll on her.

“I’m surprised I kept up with my schedule for as long as I did.

When asked if she was interested in ever coming back to be a permanent host of The View, Cameron Bure did not shy away from answering the question. “While I’d never want a permanent seat at the table again, it always feels like family when I come back to the show as a guest.”

Cameron Bure went on to add that while The View was one of the toughest jobs she’s ever held, she was still pretty grateful for the opportunity to sit at the table with “such talented, smart, capable women.”