Carmen Electra Picks Real Estate Agent To Go On Date With in ‘Celebrity Dating Game’ Revival from ABC

by Amy Myers

Three lucky men had the chance to sit down with Carmen Electra yesterday, but they didn’t know it was her. On the revival of Celebrity Dating Game with hosts Zooey Deschanel and Michael Bolton, the actress and model got to know the three bachelors behind the partition.

Carmen Electra’s most known role is as Lani Mackenzie in the beach-centered action series, Baywatch, in the 90s. Since then, she’s been on television in the form of reality shows, voiceovers and celebrity guest features. However, fans will always remember her, first and foremost, for the iconic red bathing suit and first aid bag.

Instead of a lifeguard one piece, though, Electra appeared on the Celebrity Dating Game in a stunning two-piece shimmering pink dress. The outfit was sure to stun her future date once they finally met.

Carmen Electra Asks Her Bachelors the Tough Questions

Carmen Electra first wanted to know how exciting her three bachelors are. So, she asked the men to describe themselves as rollercoasters.

Bachelor number one, a marketing director named Nathon Verdugo, confidently answered, “Typhoon, for sure.”

Bachelor number two, real estate agent Mark Harris, said he was “Colossus, easy.”

And bachelor number three, also a real estate agent, Daniel Colvin, had the most exciting answer. “Top thrill because I will take you from zero to 120 in four seconds,” he told Carmen Electra.

Next, the 49-year-old actress wanted to know what Daniel’s stage name would be. Electra, herself, created her own stage name when she first began in the industry. Her birth name is actually Tara Leigh Patrick. The bachelor said his stage name would be “Bad Boy,” and Electra approved, adding that she liked bad boys.

Carmen Electra then focused her attention on Mark, who she asked, “How would you unwrap me if I were a gift?”

Mark surprised her with a seemingly racy answer, “I would take my tongue…” —but then shifted to a more sensitive response— “And just say thanks and gratitude that I even have you as a gift. I would unwrap you slowly and I would cherish you forever.”

Can’t you just hear the audience go “Aww”?

Celebrity Chooses Bachelor Number Two

Although all three men were equally great options, in the end, Carmen Electra chose the suave real estate agent, Mark Harris. According to Electra, Harris beat out his opponents because he was “sweet” and would probably save her from a burning building. However, she suspected that behind the good boy act was another side to him. The former Baywatch actress said he might be “a little too perfect, and I feel like he’s hiding something.” 

There’s no better compliment than being called “a little too perfect” by Carmen Electra.